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Around the New York Streets. P.6.

Gian Luka • 4 minutes read • October 12th, 2015
We continued our tour through the streets of 

New York City

. Let's come back to Manhattan.
I really like the multi-level style of the cty.

Such a foreshortening. I liked the building in the foreground more than the 'glass-buildings' on the horizon.

A lot of friendly people. Guy saw that I was taking pictures and decided to wave to me.

More modern, tall houses.

Very nice square. And again, this chic multi-level style.

As you can see, many houses are built like cascades (or like a pyramid), due to the need to allow more sunlight on the streets. Keeping the people in mind . . . a nice thought. And I was really amazed with the guy on the bicycle in the pictures - as if he came from GTA San Andreas.

Grand Army Plaza and a monument to General Sherman, a Civil War Hero. In his honor, the famous American tank of the Second World War period was named after him.

The skyscraper on the same square. Right at its feet is where the most famous New York Apple Store is situated.

The most beautiful mixture of architecture. The skyscraper below is the Solow Building, built in 1974!

Houses of several generations. How lucky is 

New York

to have avoided World Wars. Now, we can clearly see the evolution of the architecture.

The same square.

To the left is Central Park.

Columbus Circle.

New York

is very different...

Rich and poor...

This seemed to be the 'center of the world', but maybe that's in some another part of the world...

Modern and aged...

But the main point I want to make is that it's special. Similar to all and not like anyone (c). It's just impossible not to love this city!!

And this is the end of my walk and drive along the streets of this glorious city during my trip. I hope we'll meet again.
Author: Gian Luka
Translated by: Gian Luka

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