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Aruba - Overseas Territory of the Netherlands. P.2

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • August 9th, 2016
After a sightseeing tour of Aruba (Aruba - Overseas Territory of the Netherlands. P.1), we went back to the ship for a while, had light lunch and then went to the beach.
We saw a wedding photo shoot on the beach - and why not! :)
This was a really relaxing trip! The hot sun, the beautiful sea with amazingly clean and clear blue water, white hot sand... As they say in such cases, it was a heavenly delight! :))))


is a great place for a holiday of relaxation and fun! There was even an inscription on local license plates: "One happy island". :)
The upper deck offered a great view of the capital of Aruba - the tiny city of 


At the time of my visit, the cargo port of Aruba was directly adjacent to the passenger one, but it was planned to be moved away to expand the cruise terminal.
"Zaandam" and "


" were beeping each other goodbye for a long time - liners will see each other again, but not for a while. "Zuiderdam" will continue standard cruises around the Caribbean, and we headed to South America!
We moved toward the exit of the port.
Here's another "piece of paradise" by the sea. :)
Aruba Airport is located near the coast, and landing aircrafts fly very low above the water.
And this plane was taking off.
The pilot boat went  back to the shore, and we returned to the Caribbean Sea to take a flight to the west, along its main road. We were headed toward the entrance of the Panama Canal, which we reached at dawn of the day after tomorrow, after one running day.
And here's a small bonus at the end of the story about Aruba - another beautiful sunset! :)
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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