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Ascending The Most Beautiful Mountain In Norway - Prekestolen

Sergey Dolya • 6 minutes read • April 3rd, 2016


is the most beautiful mountain in Norway and a popular track, for which tourists come to


. The distance of 8 kilometers (round trip) takes about 4 hours. The height difference is not very big - it’s only 330 meters, but actually the lift is harder, because the trail goes up and down in the passes.
Our ascent was complicated by heavy rain and icy wind. Because of the rain the ascending on the


cost me extra 220 dollars. It is the price of repair of two flooded cameras and lens...
The most convenient way to get to the Prekestolen is to get there by car. You should take a ferry to Tau right in the heart of the city, and then another forty minutes way along a beautiful road.
The ferry takes about 45 minutes. According to the schedule it runs every 45 minutes. It is convenient; there you can have breakfast with very tasty pancakes. Fare is 56 dollars for a car and 4 persons. We traveled three times on it: there and back in the Prekestolen, and on the way in Lofthus. But it so happened that two of the three times we ferried for free. Let me tell how.
Tickets are not checked at entrance of the ferry. The fare is paid aboard, where ticket collectors sell you a ticket. It was exactly the same for the first time, but on our way back from the Prekestolen, we were so tired and wet, that we didn’t want to get out of the heated car. All the ferry we sat in the car. As a result no one came to us:
The third time everything was exactly the opposite. We got out of the car, came to the empty cabin and we were waiting in all fairness for ticket collectors. However, in the meantime, they went and sold tickets to those, who were in cars (due to bad weather, those were the majority). Eventually, one more time without any malice we ferried for free, saving 110 dollars:
It is a cafe on the ferry:
Here’s a starting point of a track to Prekestolen. Parking cost about 12 dollars per day:
The first fifteen minutes there goes a wide pebble path, where people are moving in a dense flow:
Then a wide road interchanges with large stones and swampy terrain. It is very slippery to walk on the cobblestones. I saw people fell at least ten times:
Our girls-chatterers went behind. We had radio sets and we were trying to figure out how far they were. A "big rock" and a "forest" were the notable places for them.
There is a couple of big and sharp ascents on the way to the top. One is at the beginning and the second is in the middle of the route. But generally the ascent is smooth enough:
It looks like a walk by the lake:
The second ascent in the toughest. A kind of ladder is constructed from stones, but the passage is very narrow on it. Going down was especially difficult because of a crush with a counterflow of tourists, while in the morning we went to the mountain in a single stream:
The Lysefjord emerged from behind the clouds:
The signs with the route, current position and suchlike information are installed on the track:
The last hundred meters you walk down the cliff. There are no fences:
In the upper right corner of the photo you can see walking people:
All the way up, I dragged a quadrocopter. Moreover, it was not in a backpack, but boxed. The rain softened it and tore: I had to hold the helicopter in one hand, and my younger son in another one. I encouraged him, pulled and watched lest he slipped. However, despite all my heroism, and due to the weather the shot came out not good enough:
We took a photo on the ledge.

Trying to be original, I decided to press on the background of rocks. Thus the tradition of "pressing-ups" arose. Then I started to do press-ups on the background of all Norwegian sights and record short videos:

The program of our trip included a picnic on the top. We missed a snack on the mountain, when last time I was here with my family. And this time my wife insisted on having a picnic! We took some tea, cheese, pancakes, but the appetite was gone, along with good weather. However, there were people, who were not afraid of the cold, wind and rain.
We met our mother just on our way down and my eldest son decided to climb a mountain with her again. Junior, meanwhile, plunged knee-deep in a puddle, and we quickly ran to the car. Barely we got into the cabin and warmed as Dinia recovered his senses and demanded a picnic. I made him tea, and gave some pancakes. A minute later, the child was shining with happiness for the whole passenger compartment.
Here’s the track of the day:
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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