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Atlantis Bahamas Resort. P.1.

Mike Seryakov • 7 minutes read • October 14th, 2015
The Bahamas is a resort area, mainly for Americans. The Bahamas is an archipelago consisting of nearly 700 Islands, but only 30 of them are inhabited. Two-thirds of the population of the Bahamas live on the main island of New Providence. One of my friends, who has visited 101 countries, told us that whoever went to the Bahamas and didn't visit 


, cannot officially say that they visited the Bahamas. Today I want to tell you about this hotel.

The main and most populated island in the Bahamas is called New Providence, in the past it was actively 'used' by pirates, and now it is a tourist center in the archipelago. In the vicinity of the main island is a small, but at the same time 'elite, '

Paradise Island

. The most luxurious hotels are concentrated here, including the symbol of the Bahamas - the Atlantis Hotel.
All the resorts are mostly located on the Northern coast of the main island of New Providence. Around the whole coast, there are route busses, which go to the center of the capital of the Bahamas, 

Nassau, for

 just $1 or 1 Bahamian dollar. The exchange rate here was practically the same. 
You can go from the center of Nassau to Paradise Island for just $4 on small, special boats which constantly journey between Paradise and New Providence. Of course, the island can be reached by taxi, but I don't really like this type of transport because it's trivial and boring.
The boat to Paradise Island runs along the berth of the cruise liners. Many huge cruise ships make stops in Nassau
Tourism in the Bahamas has experienced a period of rapid recovery, when in 1961 Cuba forbade U.S. citizens to visit their territory.

The Nassau port can hold up to six cruise ships at the same time.

After only 3-4 minutes, the coast of 'Paradise Island' appeared. This was a platform for yoga on Paradise Island, which was even marked on wikimapia. People only ate healthy food here. It was prohibited to smoke or drink alcohol here, hence why there weren't a lot of people around . . .  

And here, Atlantis appears - the most famous hotel in the Bahamas. It was built in 1975, but it was reconstructed in 2007.

A motor boat was mooring on the shore and passengers made their way to 'Paradise Island'. Maybe there was some means of transport, but the island itself is small and I preferred to walk around it. Without using a ferry, many people drive to 'Paradise Island' over this fancy bridge.

The control point at the entrance to Paradise Island.

After hearing my friend's advice, I wanted to spend the maximum amount of time in Atlantis, so I went there immediately. Visiting the Water Park for the entire day, if you're not staying in the hotel, costs $125. After my visit to Atlantis I had the impression that this was a big deception. The hotel reminded me of Las Vegas; there was a casino and a lot of Americans there enjoying their leisure time at the slot machines.  
It is forbidden to take pictures in the casino, you can only photograph the chandeliers - artworks - or yourself with them as your background. 

The territory of the Atlantis Hotel was huge and full of people. One aspect I did not like is that everything cost money. From the Wi-Fi to the apples in the lobby, which cost $3 a piece. But the main attraction in Atlantis is still the Water Park. I was told that it would be very cool and I would gain unforgettable memories after my visit.  
The Atlantis Water Park has water slides around several pools with lots of sun beds. There are 'VIP seats', sun beds behind a chain, that can be reserved in the morning so that you can tan in the sun all day long. Like a vegetable ripening in the garden :)

Like in any Water Park, the water slides can be divided into two categories - with or without tubes (floats). I am referring to the rubber rings in the shape of donuts.

The slides are located in two large buildings – in the towers, the first of which is called 'Power Tower', and the second is the 'Maya Temple'. Both towers have slides that are accessible with or without floats. 

The gray building with yellow petals on the roof is the Power Tower, and the red 'brick pyramid' is the Maya Temple.

The highest water slide 'without tubing' in the 'Power tower' is called 'the abyss'. A pretty quick and steep descent down which you don't even have time to feel the drop, although the line for it was long. Almost all the way down you are flying in the dark, there is only a small open space which I tried to photograph. It was impossible to capture a person coming out of the tunnels, as my lens got covered in water spray.  

And this was the line at the top of the downhill ride.

From the top of the 'Power Tower', you can see open views of the entire area of the Atlantis Hotel. This is not just a Water Park, but also a beach area clogged with people.

The 'steepest' water slide with 'tubing' here is called 'surge'. Quite an interesting descent, the line for which was a little shorter and ended with a pleasant trip along the river after the descent. For about 10 minutes, you float on the tube with the flow of the water - nice 'chill' time.

'River cruise' after the descent.

Almost everything in Atlantis cost money, and they accepted cash, only 'plastic money'. Since I wasn't staying in the hotel, besides the price to visit the Water Park, I had yet to pay for a small locker to store my belongings while staying in the Park. Lockers come in three sizes, but my backpack didn't fit in the smallest one and I 'hit the average'.
Author: mikeseryakov
Translated by: Gian Luka

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