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Atlantis Bahamas Resort. P.2.

Mike Seryakov • 6 minutes read • October 14th, 2015
The vast majority of guests in the hotel were U.S. citizens, and almost one in three Americans had a tattoo in the form of an inscription. While standing in the lines, I entertained myself by reading tattoos on the bodies of citizens of the 'super state'.

Also, there were 'more peaceful' activities in 


, such as the private lagoon where you can snorkel or just hover on the surface, in the pose of 'the drowned man'.

You can even take a ride on these water bikes.

The most expensive room in the 'Atlantis Hotel' is the 'Bridge Suite', which is located on the bridge connecting the 'Royal Towers'. The room costs 'only' $25,000 a night. The ferryman, who drove us on the ferry to 

Paradise Island,

said that this room has already been sold up to 5 years in advance, but I can't verify this information. Only one fact is known for certain - Michael Jackson loved to stay in this room.

As for me, the most interesting slide in the Aqua Park was in another complex – the 'Maya Temple'. Of course, the most interesting and also the fastest, slide was always the ones without donuts/tubes. It's called the 'Leap of Faith'.

After a steep descent on this slide you find yourself in a glass tube that passes through the pool, where real sharks are swimming around. This tube can be seen in the next photo. I tried so many times to see the sharks, but it never happened, even though I descended 4 to 5 times, but I went by too fast and the spray of the water blurred my vision, so seeing anything clearly was just impossible.

There is also a decent slide with 'tubing' in the 'Mayan Temple', where you can enjoy 'swimming with sharks'. The movement through the water in the tube is much slower, but it is interesting. My only regret was not having an underwater camera with me, then I could have taken pictures inside the slide. 

There were a lot of small water slides for children in Atlantis. Children in this hotel will definitely never be bored.

Besides the 'Leap of Faith', which always has a huge line, this was without a doubt THE COOLEST WATER SLIDE in the hotel, from the Mayan Temple you can also descend the 'Challenger' slide. The main advantage of this slide is that it's constant line consisted of only 4 to 5 people, so the wait time was minimal, but we still weren't excited to try it. The main idea is that two people go at the same time and at the finish line, you can see who came faster.

This was the Water Park at the 'Atlantis Hotel', about which we had heard several great reviews. I couldn't spend more than hours, alas I became bored, and the slides weren't particularly fascinating, but the lines for them were, frankly, annoying. Photographers were constantly scurrying about here and there throughout the Park, but the prices for those photos were astronomical - one photo cost no less than $20! The Atlantis Hotels are owned by magnate Sol Kerzner, who owns the chain of luxury hotels 'One & Only', including the coolest hotel in the Maldives – 'One and Only Reeteh Rah'.
On Paradise Island, as it should be in any place with 'lux' class, there is a 'marina' where rich guests arrive on yachts.

Another attraction in Atlantis is the huge aquarium, located on the hotel's territory, where guided tours are held for a fee. It is difficult to count how many varieties of marine inhabitants live there.

On the way back to 


. Actually, there are two road bridges to the main island. Both lead to Paradise Island, but each of them has one-way traffic.

The guide on the boat said that these smaller houses were Nicholas Cage's guest house apartments.

And again, the beautiful cruise ships on which I now really want to swim.

So this was the most famous hotel in the Bahamas, which can easily be called the symbol of this island state. And finally, I wanted to post a picture of a mini-model of the vast territory of Atlantis, perhaps many tourists will find entertainment for themselves here and the Bahamas will no longer be needed....
Author: mikeseryakov
Translated by: Gian Luka

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