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Dreaming about something primeval, wild and unbridled? Can’t choose between relaxing on the marvelous beach and skiing in the fabulous mountains? Want to run away from the vanities of the world as far as possible? Well, it’s time to bundle and choose one from the great amount of

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Australia is an isolated from the rest of the world so called “island continent” washed by the Pacific and Indian Oceans. With its more than 7 600 000 km2 land area it is the smallest continent and the sixth largest country in the world. The Commonwealth of Australia consists of the mainland, the island of Tasmania and many smaller islands. The capital is Canberra while the largest city is Sydney. The national language for near 24 000 000 people is English.
Indigenous Australians inhabited this region more than 42 000 years ago. This continent was discovered by Europeans at the beginning of the XVII century, but only in 1770 the British built their first settlement here. That was the start of Australia’s mushroom agricultural, commercial and economical growth. Most settlements concentrated in the eastern part of the island and on its coast. The only one who suffered from this prosperity were natives – their population declined rapidly, mainly because of infectious diseases.
In some 1500 km southeast of Australia, across the Tasman Sea, there lies a beautiful country that was one from the last places on Earth discovered by the mankind. That’s why great South and North Islands and many smaller islands of New Zealand have saved such a diversity of unique animals and plants. English is the most widely spoken language here, while Christianity is the predominant religion both in Australia and New Zealand.
Australia’s eastern neighbor was settled only in the XIII century. Its first inhabitants were the Eastern Polynesians who developed here Maori culture. After Europeans had organized here settlements in the XVIII century indigenous population began suffering from the slavery, wars and diseases.
Although Australia and New Zealand nowadays are modern prospering countries with developed economy, the wild tribes still remain their essential part. And together with unique biodiversity aborigines make this region so singular attractive. Where else can you see kangaroos, koalas and many other unique animals and plants?
Rainforests, mountain ranges and deserts, volcanoes, glaciers, fjords and fantastic beaches – you’ll find here whatever you want! Such a variety also applies to climate. The weather in different parts of Australia varies from tropical to temperate. The absolute minimum ever noted was -23 °C in 1994, maximum – over 50 °C in 1960. Australia receives a very little amount of precipitations – only Antarctica see rainfall more rarely. The average annual temperatures in New Zealand range from 10 °C to 16 °C in different regions. The weather conditions vary from dry to semi-arid. And one important thing that should be taken into account while planning your

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is that the seasons in the southern hemisphere are reversed.
The Land Down Under has prepared modern metropolises and ghost towns, aboriginal settlements and astonishing wild nature with its unique inhabitants. You can enjoy sunbathing on the Gold Coast, join the exciting eco and winery tours, visit the world’s largest Great Barrier Reef or spend unforgettable evening at the famous Sydney Opera House during the

Australia and New Zealand cruises

. Welcoming Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide and Auckland will show you breathtaking history and fabulous culture of this region. You will never forget the Chillagoe Caves, Ayers Rock, amazing waterfalls and sacred Uluru – a giant block of red sandstone just in the middle of the desert. All active sport lovers will enjoy diving, surfing, rafting, parasailing and many other outdoor pursuits. The great amount of

Australia cruises

and dreamy New Zealand are ready to show you what the inimitable vacations really mean. This land will gladly open you all inmost secrets and the

Australia and New Zealand cruise

will surely became the best in your life.
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