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Australia. WildLife Sydney Zoo

Anich • 5 minutes read • March 29th, 2017
Today we will take a walk around Wild Life Sydney Zoo.

In general, there are two zoos in Sydney - compact WildLife and huge Taronga Zoo.
This review is about WildLife Sydney.

This is a small and very cozy zoo dedicated to the animals of the Australian continent.


Ducks are beautiful on every continent!

The zoo has a zone with bright butterflies.
Apparently, it was already living its last days (or hours?). Nevertheless, it had wings with beautiful colors!

In Australia you can often meet such plates warning about the wombats.
No, wombats are not terrible, but on the contrary - they are very peace-loving herbivores. Unfortunately, they often run out onto the roads...

Wombats are adorable marsupials from Australia.
They are herbivorous and excellently dig burrows.
Wombats family includes three types: hairy-nosed wombats, northern hairy-nosed wombats and naked-nosed wombats.
WildLife Sydney is home for the hairy-nosed wombats.

I can't say what kind of wombat it is - hairy-nosed or northern hairy-nosed one - they look similar. Alas, it was sleeping soundly :)

Let's go further! Here's an ant. Or rather, a very large ant! :)

I really like different lizards.

However, I don't always know their names.

Everything is easier with the kangaroo :)

This is the wallaby.

They are so cute!

Here's another amazing Australian animal - the echidna!
In addition to Australia, echidnas live also in New Guinea and on the islands in Bass Strait now.
It's a kind of a relative of the platypus - they both belong to mammals of the order Monotremata.

Kookaburra. Aka the laughing kookaburra :)
This is a very attractive bird, and it really laughs.

Wonders of disguise!

What a look!

It's the tawny frogmouth!
The bird is very charismatic!

This is the lizard of the skinks family.

It's very nice to watch the sincere communication of the zoo's employees with animals.

Here we got to the koalas. Hi!

In WildLife, you can buy a ticket for Australian dollars to visit koalas.

Impressions, of course, are very positive.
There are several koalas in this enclosure, but only one certain koala can be patted per day.
They are constantly changed so that they do not get tired of people's touches. Everything is thought out!
You can pat the koala only in the area of... mmm... of the soft part of the booty :)
Also I'd like to warn you that pulling your hands (just like I did it in the photo!) is very dangerous - the koalas claws are sharp and long, and everything can end with an injury.
By the way, they can easily take you for a tree and climb up your leg. I'm afraid that it will be rather hurting than pleasant:)

Well, a sleeping koala is absolutely pleasant! :)

I do not remember what happened, but this koala was left without an eye.
Employees of the zoo told us that in spite of only one eye left, this koala is very frisky and happy.

It's beautiful!
By the way, in spite of the fact that koalas sleep very long, they behave very actively during wakefulness, they run quickly and deft.

Finally, here's a crocodile.
I can not say for sure whether it's the crocodile that lives in the sea in the northern territories, but anyway it's a cutie.
Who can say "no" to it? :)

Thank you for reading!
Come to Australia to look at its wonderful animals.
By the way, it would be much better to watch them in wildlife!
Author: Anich
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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