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Bagg Street Shul

History and museums
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The Bagg Street Shul or Beth Shloime (formally Congregation Temple Solomon) is an Orthodox synagogue located at the intersection of Clark Street and Bagg Street in the Montreal Plateau region of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

In the early 1900s, fueled by heavy immigration, Jews established a large community in Montreal's Plateau region, around Saint Laurent Boulevard.

The synagogue's building, a red-brick duplex on Clark Street, was constructed in 1899. The congregation purchased the building and moved there in 1922. The sanctuary seats 350. The Torah ark, marble staircase, pews, bimah furniture, and chandeliers were moved to the synagogue from the McGill College location of the Congregation Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue. These items were purchased from the Shaar Hashomayim in 1918 for $1,500 ($21,400 today).

The Jewish community of Montreal's Plateau supported at least a dozen synagogues at its peak. It started to decline in the 1950s, as many Jews moved further west in Montreal or to other parts of Canada. The Bagg Street Shul is the only synagogue still remaining.

The Bagg Street Shul remains the oldest synagogue still operating with its original congregation in its original location in Quebec. The building is recognized as a religious historical site by the Quebec government.

In 2008, the congregation had 50 member families. The congregation does not and has never had a paid rabbi.

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