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Baha'i In Haifa

Nefer • 2 minutes read • September 26th, 2016
We were going down the terraces of the Bahai Garden - 

Terraces of the Bahá'í Faith

. Only believers are allowed to go up there. The Baha'i Faith is one of the youngest world religions. It started in 1844 in Iran. The symbol of Baha'i is a nine-pointed star. There's a tomb of Baba on 

Mount Carmel 



. You can search for more information online. 
1bahai-in-haifa.jpg2bahai-in-haifa.jpg3bahai-in-haifa.jpg4bahai-in-haifa.jpg5bahai-in-haifa.jpg6bahai-in-haifa.jpg7bahai-in-haifa.jpg8bahai-in-haifa.jpg Author: Nefer
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