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Bahamas. Coco-Cay.

Nefer • 3 minutes read • October 27th, 2015


 is a secluded island in the Caribbean Sea. It is included in the Berry Islands group, where the more affluent like to spend their winter. 

CocoCay Island

is the property of the 

Royal Caribbean cruise company

. Guests can enjoy various beach and water activities, live music, and the crew serves lunch.

The cruise liner docs at CocoCay and passengers are taken to shore in small boats, Similar to the trip to Nassau by ship.

A few of the souvenir shops on land.

The beach:

The Cococay Island defines relaxation, with sun beds, trampolines, scooters, banana boats, parasailing and a mini water park. There are also hiking trails. 

The Coco-Cay Bahamas are a great place to relax and enjoy adventure.

'Black Beard' Cafe. Everything is brought from the Majesty of the Seas.

The ship "Enchantment of the Seas", also owned by the Royal Caribbean.

The tour ends with a gala dinner with the captain on the ship. The four-day Bahamas route intersects with the routes of other ships, except the Majesty and Enchantment liners.
Author: neferjournal
Translated by: Gian Luka

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