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Bali. Tanah Lot

Nikolkaya • 3 minutes read • July 1st, 2016
One hundred years ago, the 

Tanah Lot temple

(an unofficial symbol of 


) stood on a ridge, but as a result of the erosion ruining the shore, it was found on the island 328 feet (100 meters) from shore. One can get there only at low tide. When the ocean ebbs, you can drink the holy water from the spring, from under a rock, or look at the people living on the rock of sacred snakes. Only true believers are allowed to go up the stairs built into a rock and enter the temple. Tanah Lot is one of the most sacred places in Bali.
We arrived late. We scurried up, overtaking other people, beeping, breaking the rules, but we had arrived in time to see the sunset. The sun had set while we were parking the car and running to shore.
In the photo, you can see a spiritual altar of 

Tanah Lot

, which is situated on a nearby ridge.
1bali-tanahlot.jpg2bali-tanahlot.jpgDance performances began after the sunset on the cape by the altar of Tanah Lot. It happened every day, I suppose.
3bali-tanahlot.jpgAuthor: Nikolkaya
Translated by: Zoozi

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