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Bali, The Island Of A Thousand Temples

Dmytro Cherkasov • 4 minutes read • December 29th, 2016


is an unusual island. It is the only island in Indonesia where the majority of inhabitants are Buddhists and Hindus. The rest of the territory is predominantly occupied by Muslims. There's another feature of Bali - there are more temples here than houses! It is easy to explain. Every home in Bali has a shrine in memory of deceased relatives. Plus, there's at least one temple in every populated area. Moreover, there are plenty of so-called "public" temples.
1bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpgThe locals joyfully greeted the tourists from a cruise ship at port. It was interesting (look closely) that most of the band were pounding hammers to the music. In general, the people were positive and not ill-natured.
2bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpgI had a strange impression of 


. We were told that we were not in the tourist part of the island. This is due to the fact that the government had decided to develop the opposite side of the island. For this reason, the port was repaired and modified so that cruise ships could to be called there. Although, it seemed as though we were traveling along an endless series of miniature houses and rice fields. In my mind, Bali was some sort of a high-level paradise resort. The reality turned out to be less inspiring.
3bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpgMany of the 


were rebuilt several times. The island has volcanoes, so there had been a lot of destruction because of seismic activity.  However, because of the favorable climate, the aftermath of the volanic eruptions were hidden rather quickly. 
By the way, this is a holy place. Someone meditated in the shade of a banyan. That is really a big tree.
4bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpgAll the temples were decorated with several sculptures of gods and spirits.
5bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg6bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpgI won't write a lot in this review. However, I hope that these pictures will be enough to convey the beautiful impressions of the temples on the island.
7bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg8bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg9bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg10bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg11bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg12bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpgIn addition to stone sculptures, there were many painted wooden ones. In general, wood carvings and wooden sculptures, in particular, are one of the features of the island. There were several souvenirs made of wood.
13bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg14bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpgThere were flower wreaths as offerings on the altar. There were similar boxes in which the gifts for the temple were hidden.
15bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpgThis is a sacred pool. In general, a lot of things are related to water. Almost all the lakes are either sacred or at least have some history. The element of water means a lot for the island located on the ocean.​​
16bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg17bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg18bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg19bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg20bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg21bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpgThis is a guard of honor, usually placed at the entrance.
22bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg23bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg24bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg25bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg26bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg27bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg28bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg29bali-the-island-of-a-thousand-temples.jpg Author: Dmytro Cherkasov
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