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Bali. Ubud

Nikolkaya • 3 minutes read • July 1st, 2016


is the only Hindu island in Indonesia (the largest Muslim country in the world). The ancient Balinese worshiped spirits, and when Hinduism and Buddhism entered the island, a unique Balinese religious tradition combining the elements of the Shaivaism cult, with features of animism and Buddhism, appeared.
The Odalan holiday is regularly celebrated in every temple in Bali. The gods are honored with offerings: as gratitude to good spirits, and a try to pay off the evil ones.
We went to Odalan in the temple complex 

Agung Dalem

(the "Monkey Forest" reserve) in 


. There, Odalan is celebrated every 200 days.
1bali-ubudtown.jpg2bali-ubudtown.jpg3bali-ubudtown.jpg4bali-ubudtown.jpg5bali-ubudtown.jpg6bali-ubudtown.jpg7bali-ubudtown.jpg Author: Nikolkaya
Translated by: Zoozi

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