Baltimore - City of Sailors, Blue Crabs and Edgar Allan Poe. P.2. | CruiseBe
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Baltimore - City of Sailors, Blue Crabs and Edgar Allan Poe. P.2.

Pavel Kremnev - dibazolllll • 4 minutes read • October 22nd, 2015
Being that Maryland is known for its seafood, some of the best local dishes include crab meat. Crab cakes are served in almost every restaurant. However it is widely known that the best crab cakes aren't found in the 

Baltimore restaurants, but at the local 

Lexington market


Below, a crab cake eatery. 

Below, the famous crab cakes of Baltimore.

Blue crabs that are found in the local waters:

The city tram: 

But most popular form of transportation is the underground, even though there is only one line. 

Tickets are sold inside the station through machines: 


The Inner Harbor

There are a few historic ships and a submarine in the harbor. All of them can be visited by purchasing a ticket. My time was short, so I left the ships for another time. Below is The National Aquarium!

Torsk is the name of the submarine.

Aquarium from the other side. The glass facade reflects the business centers of Baltimore. Very different from the neighborhoods around the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum!
Policemen patrolling the city.

The cute lighthouse in the Inner Harbor - Seven Foot Knoll Light

The huge black pipes of the Pratt Street Power Plant are easily spotted in the city's landscape. Today, the main part of the former engine room is a bookstore.

A view from the inside:

The more modern buildings in the Inner Harbor.

A bench in Baltimore. The city is so full of life.
Author: dibazolllll 
Translated by: Gian Luka

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