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Barcelona In Details

lavagra • 5 minutes read • January 5th, 2017
1barcelona-in-details.jpgQuite recently, I wasn't going to visit 


. I thought that an experienced traveler has absolutely nothing to do there. I imagined the scenes of the tourist mayhem and bacchanalia. The Gaudi's architecture seemed like a glamorous trifle, 

La Rambla 

- a meaningless pandemonium of people, and singing fountains - top of bad taste. But we all know that in fact, one should trust the gut feeling.
My family decided to visit this Catalan city by sea. And you know, in spite of many shortcomings, this city is probably the most amazing place in Europe, the one that has managed to retain its identity for many centuries.
2barcelona-in-details.jpgIn four days of our stay there, I have gathered a lot of impressions about this city, but I want to start with details. They are special in 


- sometimes elusive and seemingly inconspicuous.
3barcelona-in-details.jpgBut these small details, nuances in the architecture of the houses, in the mood of the locals, random encounters, looks, and smiles form a unique diverse image of Barcelona.
You can visit local museums, walk along the promenade, admire the works of Gaudi with all his predecessors and successors, but you can only understand this city, feel its rhythm and stay captivated by its openness, if you start noticing the details.
5barcelona-in-details.jpg6barcelona-in-details.jpgUnregulated graffiti has become an integral part of Barcelona. One can write odes and post photo reports about it.
7barcelona-in-details.jpg8barcelona-in-details.jpg9barcelona-in-details.jpg10barcelona-in-details.jpg11barcelona-in-details.jpgA two-wheeled vehicle is another crucial part of Barcelona. Bicycles and motorcycles, as well as scooters, are everywhere in the city.
12barcelona-in-details.jpgSometimes, the bicycles are not used for their primary purpose. In this picture, you can see a man who sharpens his knife with the help of a bicycle.
13barcelona-in-details.jpgThere are so many rental bicycles in the city that even the local bums do not stop using this almost free mode of transportation.
14barcelona-in-details.jpgWalking around Barcelona, it is impossible to not notice the local balconies. They often live their own unusual life, adopting the habits and manners of their owners.
15barcelona-in-details.jpgThe local dogs are equally important characters of this city. By the way, I did not see any stray dogs there.
16barcelona-in-details.jpg17barcelona-in-details.jpgThe locals are jogging all day. Barcelona is a port city, so the fresh sea wind dictates the trend for a healthy lifestyle for almost everyone - young and old people.
18barcelona-in-details.jpgThe residents of the city are also football fans. It motivates them to keep fit.
19barcelona-in-details.jpg20barcelona-in-details.jpgAnother important local landmark - flocks of green parrots. Seeing and hearing them, you realize that Barcelona is a tropical region, even in the cool February.
21barcelona-in-details.jpg22barcelona-in-details.jpg23barcelona-in-details.jpgThere are high and constantly rising prices for everything in the city. However, the huge demand justifies these inconveniences. Of course, Barcelona lives at the expense of tourism and the source of income is used to the maximum.
24barcelona-in-details.jpg25barcelona-in-details.jpg26barcelona-in-details.jpgI wonder if there's still no such monument... I'm sure that it would be located in La Rambla (the street in central Barcelona, popular among tourists and locals).
27barcelona-in-details.jpgThis is the main street of Barcelona filled with crowds of visitors of the city from early morning until late evening. It should be noted that the prices in this street beat all possible records.
28barcelona-in-details.jpgAlthough, there's another phenomenon! A huge competition causes local restaurants to give special offers and discounts. Therefore, you can have an inexpensive and tasty meal in La Rambla. The main thing is to not order meals from the main menu, but order special offers of the restaurant.
29barcelona-in-details.jpgBarcelona is very versatile! It is often possible to observe a combination of fashion styles, cultures, and various traditions.
30barcelona-in-details.jpg31barcelona-in-details.jpgBarcelona is tolerant to all its residents, regardless of gender, age, wealth, or skin color.
32barcelona-in-details.jpgI saw only a part of such important and interesting details. Almost every newcomer can find something new and different in this city. You shouldn't just focus on local tourist-y attractions.
Author: Lavagra
Translated by: Zoozi

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