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Barcelona In Winter

lavagra • 3 minutes read • December 31st, 2016
Most of us associate 


with crowds of tourists, the eternal heat, and the sun. But in fact, the capital of Catalonia is beautiful at any time of the year. We visited this city in the middle of February when prices on plane tickets were very low, and there is not a lot of tourists in the streets.
1barcelona-in-winter.jpgWinter in Barcelona is very green and exotic...
3barcelona-in-winter.jpgThere are empty roadways and almost unpopular bike park...
4barcelona-in-winter.jpgLook at these deserted gorgeous city beaches.
5barcelona-in-winter.jpgEven in February, the temperature during the day is 61 degrees (16 degrees Celsius), and one can guess that it's winter only by fallen leaves.
6barcelona-in-winter.jpgThe local parrots seem to like such winter.
7barcelona-in-winter.jpgIn some parks, you feel as if you are in a tropical paradise.
8barcelona-in-winter.jpg9barcelona-in-winter.jpg10barcelona-in-winter.jpg11barcelona-in-winter.jpgDeserted La Barceloneta is perfect!
12barcelona-in-winter.jpgPeople-less sun-drenched city beaches put you in a philosophical mood.
16barcelona-in-winter.jpgMany of the side streets in the 

Gothic Quarter 

are full of mystery.
17barcelona-in-winter.jpg18barcelona-in-winter.jpg19barcelona-in-winter.jpgSometimes you can meet celebrities in Barcelona.
20barcelona-in-winter.jpgYou can observe the heritage of famous Gaudi almost everywhere around the city.
21barcelona-in-winter.jpgBut there were no tourists even in 

The Park Guell

22barcelona-in-winter.jpgPeople sell Chinese junk from under the counter. They are getting ready for the summer season.
24barcelona-in-winter.jpg25barcelona-in-winter.jpgThere are many bars and restaurants...
27barcelona-in-winter.jpg28barcelona-in-winter.jpg…or famous places of attraction.
29barcelona-in-winter.jpgYou feel as if you are in a parallel universe in Barcelona in winter. Everyone here finds what they're looking for. We found rest from everyday life!
Author: Lavagra
Translated by: Zoozi 

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