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Beaches Of Santa Monica

Uritsk Andrey • 6 minutes read • May 3rd, 2016

Santa Monica Bay is located approximately 12 miles (20 kilometers) from downtown 

Los Angeles

and, because of the warm sun, the ocean breeze, miles of sandy beaches and excellent surfing spots, it symbolizes all the best that California has to offer. The favorable climate (an average of 328 days per year are warm and sunny), large number of pedestrian areas and promenades make it one of the best resorts. 

Santa Monica

became a star on the Los Angeles coast in the 1890's when the tram line connected it to the city center, and beach parties rapidly gained popularity.
Of course, we weren't able to appreciate all the charm of a beach party during our relatively short visit, but we did manage to get acquainted with the public transportation in Los Angeles. For three days, we rode through the city both by bus and subway, and when we left Los Angeles, the urban transportation system was suddenly seemed very simple. For example, the most convenient way to get to Santa Monica by public transport is by bus, from a station on the "red" subway line. I strongly recommend that everyone take the expressway rather than the regular bus because, even on the expressway, the journey to Santa Monica is very long.  However, on the way back, we were able to once again experience the full extent of the giant metropolis. First, we passed through the glamorous sections of


and Beverly Hills, and then the bus drove through the "Russian Quarter", we saw some of the business districts that house the skyscrapers, the private sector, and finally, we made our way to the coastal resort town.
Below, you can see the main promenade in Santa Monica - Third Street. Here, as in any resort, life hums throughout the day and night.  

Third Street stretches for three blocks and it is decorated with metal figures of animals.

After a walk through the streets, we finally went to the ocean. Generally, I am used to seaside resorts that are pretty ordinary and familiar, with the same natural scenery (because I fly to Sochi 10 times a year on business). However, the scale of the beaches in Santa Monica are impressive! It was so wonderful to walk along the shore, enjoy the water - which is far from ordinary, just look at the surf -breathe in the fresh air, listen to the cries of the gulls and watch the sunset on the beach! I cannot deny that this was the coolest place to visit!  

The main sea attraction in Santa Monica is a long pier that stretches out into the ocean for hundreds of feet. The pier was opened in 1908 and since then, it has remained the epicenter of resort life here.  

The views of the sea and the setting sun over the pier are breathtaking! 

On the shore near the pier, there is a Ferris wheel and a small amusement park.

Evening Blues...

Going back to the beaches.

On the sandy shore, every few hundred feet, there are lifeguard towers. It is hard to imagine a coastline without them! After the release of the popular series "Baywatch", the beaches of Santa Monica became famous all over the world. However, the lifeguard tower was empty by the time we reached it because it was off-season. It was already pretty chilly for swimming by the time evening came around.

We passed under the mighty foundation of the pier. At the slightest hint of movement, the wet sand squeaked underneath the wooden poles holding up the pier!

It was getting dark. During the day in Los Angeles, the temperature reaches 86 degrees F (30 degrees C), making it unbearable to stay out in the sun. But in the evenings, especially by the sea, it is pretty cool. It was November after all!


Here it is - the legendary pier!

Sunset is quick and short - in less than 15 minutes the sun disappeared behind the horizon...

Evening in Palisades Park. This narrow park, planted mainly with palm trees, stretches along the coast for almost a mile.

In the evening, the epicenter of the resort life moves from the beach to the promenade on the boardwalk of Santa Monica.

After dinner, for the last time, we went back to walk along the shore and see the brightly lit pier.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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