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Beaches Of St. Martin

Anich • 7 minutes read • August 25th, 2015

St. Martin 

is not only known for the airplanes that fly low over the beaches, but also the magnificent Caribbean Sea, with dozens of different beaches. We visited a few. Today, I'll show you the beaches that I managed to photograph in those rare moments when I did not take photos of the planes :) Those beaches are marked on this map:

The first beach was 


and it deserves a separate review. So let's move on.
Another beach, a five minutes drive from Maho, was Mullet Bay (number two on our map).

Next to the beach, there was a great golf field and tall palm treesm with elegant and slim trunks.
The beach was delightful - there was white sand and turquoise water... We swam there in the evening on one of our first days and could not rejoice enough about the nature around us.
This was the third beach on our map - Cupecoy beach.

A funny story happed on this beach. My friend was not ready for a nudist beach, so we decided not to visit the famous "naked" beach at Orient Bay. Although, there were people with and without swimsuits on Cupecoy beach. It was too late to retreat :)
Just look at those waves!

I was chasing the waves for half an hour, trying to take some interesting photos.

I was trying to take a photo like the one below. At that moment, I did not know that in order to take such a photo, I should first know how to surf and swim in the wave that was a few feet high :) 

In general, Cupecoy beach was very cozy, and there were very few people :)

Rouge Beach was the fourth beach in our list. We went there especially for the sunset.

The beach was deserted that evening.

The sun sank into the sea and we went to have dinner.

Logically, I should now talk about beach number five, but first I'd like to say a few words about beach number nine - Lucas Beach.
During a few of our days there, we wanted to see different fish, so we began to explore the map which we took in the car rental. Lucas Beach was marked on the map as one of the beaches where you can enjoy snorkeling.
So we decided to go snorkeling there. Although the atmosphere there went against 'carefree' snorkeling. I'll tell you why: on the beach there were only locals who threw unfriendly glances at us. Having enjoyed all the "beauty", we went to look for another, more friendly beach :)

After that, we went to Friar`s Bay, which is marked as beach number five on the map.
However, the snorkeling part of the beach was occupied by the locals. So we swam a little bit, and then went to the center of the bay.
This beach was completely calm, with a nice and relaxing atmosphere. There was a bar on the shore, with live rock music. I wanted to join the fun, order something to eat and drink, but I couldn't get myself to leave the sea :) So we stayed there until sunset. Although, I wouldn't have minded sitting there now, at one of the tables, and watch the sunset.

Beach Grande Case (number six) was a great beach, located along the banks of the town with the same name.

The water was clear.

On the beach of Grande Case, which is located in the town of 

Grande Case

, you can watch the planes land at the airport... of course, it is called the Grand Сase airport :)

The houses were right on the water.

A bird found dinner in the last rays of the sun :)
It was another ending to a wonderful day on the beautiful island...
Now, it is time to talk about beach number seven - Pinel island.

There was a beautiful beach on the island of Pinel, which is a 10-minute boat ride from Martin. However, we sailed there to snorkel, not to visit the beach. There was a trail for eco-snorkeling, where you can see a lot of fish, and even turtles.

We were not lucky enough to see the turtles, but we saw a lot of beautiful fish. I'll tell about the underwater life of the island in the next review.

And for a snack - beautiful Orient Bay! (No.8)

It was the first beach where we felt the charm of the Caribbean Sea. We came here to swim on our very first night on the island.

Orient Bay is wide. There were very impressive waves. It can be conditionally divided into a great variety of different, small beaches, but they all look the same.
In the last few days, only surfers could swim there and catch waves on their big boards. So we went for a short walk along the coast. Various cute animals accompanied us, eg. this crab...
...and this cute iguana.

There were quite weird plant species here.
Low stone slopes looked very impressive from the beach.

Choose your path!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a shower, restroom or rescuers on any of the beaches. :) Surely all these amenities of civilization were on paid beaches (those with sun beds and an entrance fee of about 20 euros per person - as of 2014). Basically, all the beaches were free.
The only shower that I found on the beach was a small foot shower on Maho :) It was quite high, so if you really want to take a shower, and you are flexible, you can try to wash not only legs but your whole body. But everybody from Sunset Bar will be watching you :)
Author: Anich
Translated by: Gian Luka

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