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Beautiful Dominica. P1

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • July 13th, 2016
I thought a lot about how to start this review . . .
Because on one hand, my photos cannot render the beauty of the island, but on the other hand, that was not the most important thing about the island, for me.


is the only place where I would like to go back again and stay for longer.
I did not want to leave that place.
This country does not idealize the "Western life."
These people do not put wealth as their number one priority. Familial ties and friends are more important to them.
To get a feel for this place, you should visit for no less than a couple of weeks. 
You can walk through  the rain forest, study volcanoes and boiling lakes, examine flora and fauna, enjoy the lifestyle and make friends with the Caribs . . . 
By the way, speaking of fauna, I saw a “mahogany bird”. It is in fact a local cockroach the size of a bird!
In Dominica, the fauna generally followed such dimensions. For example, the local frog, called Crapaud, is officially known as a "mountain chicken", not only for its size, but because it cackles like a chicken.
It is also a local delicacy.
There are no typical tourists in Dominica. There are neither beaches with white sand and emerald water nor beautiful hotels.
Most tourists are backpackers interested in nature, ecology, anthropology, etc.
The weather was bad during our stay. However, we did see some sunshine.  
When we sailed to Dominica, it seemed us to be a huge green hill, not an island.
2dominica-dream-island.jpg3dominica-dream-island.jpg4dominica-dream-island.jpg 5dominica-dream-island.jpgThere were a lot of rivers in Dominica, as well as bridges.

Morne Trois Pitons National park

is on the UNESCO list.
The “

Boiling Lake

”, the world's second-largest, was the main attraction there.
Around it, one can see the Fumarole vegetation - plants capable of surviving in high temperatures and around toxic substances that are usually found around volcanoes.
The Valley of Desolation, near the lake, is a better place to study these plants.
There’s the Freshwater Lake, where a one-eyed monster lives according to the legend :)
First, we saw bushes with steam pouring out from different sides . . . 
7dominica-dream-island.jpgEverything was bubbling and boiling . . . 
8dominica-dream-island.jpg9dominica-dream-island.jpgA local man offered to be our guide . . . 
10dominica-dream-island.jpg... he told us that we could put our hand on the ground to feel the hot air as it was released.
I advise you to be careful, as you can easily burn your fingers! The water shooting out was almost boiling hot.  
11dominica-dream-island.jpgHere are more photos...
12dominica-dream-island.jpg13dominica-dream-island.jpg14dominica-dream-island.jpgDifferent trinkets made from volcanic stones and other souvenirs were sold nearby.
15dominica-dream-island.jpg16dominica-dream-island.jpg17dominica-dream-island.jpg18dominica-dream-island.jpgWe went further, but on our way we stopped at a small cafe near the road. There we were asked to try different fruits, and whether we wanted to give thanks to the owner. There was the option to put some money (any amount) into a basket. No one could tell how much you put it. 
We tried the local fruits and a drink made from sugar cane, which I liked even more than coconut milk.
19dominica-dream-island.jpgThe local beer is called Kubuli.
20dominica-dream-island.jpgWe were also served something like cocoa, or chocolate :)
21dominica-dream-island.jpgJuice was made for us using traditional methods :) 
22dominica-dream-island.jpg23dominica-dream-island.jpg24dominica-dream-island.jpg25dominica-dream-island.jpg26dominica-dream-island.jpgThere was a “shop” where a local girl was selling unpretentious souvenirs.
27dominica-dream-island.jpgBeautiful Dominica. P2
Author: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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