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Beautiful Dominica. P2

o_l_g_a_r_i • 3 minutes read • July 13th, 2016
I'll continue my review about Dominica.
As we traveled further, we stopped at a fishing village.
28dominica-dream-island.jpg29dominica-dream-island.jpg30dominica-dream-island.jpg31dominica-dream-island.jpgAnd we continued further . . .
32dominica-dream-island.jpgDid you notice red rags in the trees?
They were part of an election campaign.  
33dominica-dream-island.jpgThe flora is very diverse in 


. Of course, there’s a Rainforest, an Elfin woodland, the Montane forest (almost like a rainforest, but the plants are not as tall), Littoral woodland (the leaves of the plants are thicker), Coastal woodland (in areas with low rainfall) and Fumarole vegetation (near the volcanoes).
To see the entire flora, you have to go around the island or visit the city botanical park, where some plants have been collected. The park is small, but very nice :)
34dominica-dream-island.jpg35dominica-dream-island.jpg36dominica-dream-island.jpg37dominica-dream-island.jpg38dominica-dream-island.jpg39dominica-dream-island.jpg40dominica-dream-island.jpg41dominica-dream-island.jpgAnd this school bus was one of the main “sightseeing attractions” of the park.
It was crushed by a tree in 1979.
42dominica-dream-island.jpgHere are photos from a small tour we took around


, the capital of Dominica.
I liked the local museum most of all.
43dominica-dream-island.jpg44dominica-dream-island.jpg45dominica-dream-island.jpg46dominica-dream-island.jpg47dominica-dream-island.jpgHere are some views of the city streets.
Here’s a port.
48dominica-dream-island.jpgHere’s a church (

Cathedral of Our Lady of Fair Haven of Roseau

49dominica-dream-island.jpg50dominica-dream-island.jpg51dominica-dream-island.jpg52dominica-dream-island.jpg53dominica-dream-island.jpg54dominica-dream-island.jpg55dominica-dream-island.jpg56dominica-dream-island.jpgGoodbye, Dominica!
I really want to come back here again :)
57dominica-dream-island.jpgBeautiful Dominica. P1
Author: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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