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Beautiful Florence

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • April 3rd, 2016
From Pisa to 

Florence was a little over an hour's drive, during which time we built up an appetite. 

So our first stop was to a cozy restaurant with a beautiful view of thec

Ponte Vecchio

- the ancient bridge over the Arno river:
The bridge was built in 1345:
There are houses on its sides, sheltering the souvenir shops:
Shops sell handbags with inscriptions that look strikingly similar to the Coca-Cola font:
The bridge is also a haven for artists:
Florence is sometimes called the "Italian Athens". Its streets and squares are decorated with magnificent sculptures by famous Italian masters:

Young Jewish King David's sculpture by the great Michelangelo is one of the most significant art works ever created by man. This work has many plaster copies in other countries including the Italian courtyard at the Pushkin Museum. The original 16 foot (5 meter) tall young men preparing for battle with Goliath is here in Florence, at the Academy.

And on the square is another copy: 
Along with marble statues, the city is full of human statues offering to take a photo with you for a small bribe: 
Also, there are a lot of artists/portraitists on the streets . It's amazing to see the advertised portraits and paintings, where the faces of second-rate celebrities can be easily recognized. But when these artists begin to draw your own portrait there is no originality. I've had my portrait drawn in several different countries and none of my friends have been able to recognize me in these "masterpieces":
The city has a very relaxed atmosphere. People on the streets are laughing, embracing and kissing:
Children are riding a merry-go-round and some clowns nearby are preparing to create inflatable animals for them:
Cooks lure visitors to their shops with rows of delicious looking and smelling pizza: 
Tired tourists lay on the waterfront:
And of course, there are a lot of tourists from Asia, strenuously shooting everything on their mobile phones camera:
Our time and acquaintance with the amazing city of Florence now comes to an end and we make our way back to the ship, Noordam:
The next morning we docked in the capital of luxury - Monaco, preparing for the Grand Prix Formula One. If you consider yourself a successful and wealthy person, then you must visit Monaco; you'll feel like a farmer! Where else can you hire a Bentley or Ferrari at a small waterfront booth? 
Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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