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Beauty Of Barcelona From Above

lavagra • 7 minutes read • January 5th, 2017
1beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgApparently, tourists studied each corner in 


. But a travel history lesson of this city is not over. It seems that as long as humanity exists, the streets of Barcelona will always be crowded, and each new visitor will find something interesting and memorable. Gothic streets, fabulous Gaudí's creations, magnificent buildings, fancy lights - everything is worthy of attention. 
During this visit, I decided to study Barcelona from above. Its panoramas are admirable and inimitable. I chose three very important points of the city - a 

monument to Christopher Columbus

, the sacred mountain of 


and the notorious top of the mountain Tibidabo. The walk turned out to be breathtaking! Have a look...
2beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgWherever you go during your walk in Barcelona, sooner or later you will find yourself on the Square of the Gates of Peace near the monument to Christopher Columbus. This monumental construction is more than 130 years and it is an important local landmark.
3beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpg4beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgNow, this place can be considered the center of the historic part of Barcelona. The famous Rambla begins from here. So the city ends here and the port begins.
5beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgThis monument is very unusual. There's also a nice observation deck.
6beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgThe total height of the monument is 60 meters. Part of it goes to the underground with a gift shop and, in fact, to the very 7-meter figure of the great navigator.
7beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgThere's an elevator inside the tower of the monument, one can go up to the very base of the statue of Columbus (4.50 euro in 2014).The observation deck offers magnificent views.
8beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgHere's a view over the famous Rambla from the Christopher Columbus monument, with the quarters of El Raval to the left and Barri Gotic to the right:
At some distance, you can see the Mount Tibidabo, the end point of our route. Also, the seaside boulevard can be seen with neat rows of palm trees and La Barceloneta visible behind, which is another historical district.
10beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgYou may also see Sagrada Familia which is still under active construction. Although, the view of the church is partly closed off by the main tower of the Cathedral of the city.
11beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgOf course, there's a perfect view of the port of the city, and especially of the magnificent building, which is now the Port Authority.
12beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgAll these views are breathtaking. However, at that moment, we were more interested in the hill of Montjuic.
13beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgIt is not difficult to get up even on foot. There are many other options for lazy people - a cable car, funicular, bus or a two-wheeled transport. We chose the first, the cheapest option and we did not regret.
14beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgOnce the sacred mountain of Barcelona bore the name of Jupiter. The modern name can be translated as The Jewish mountain. Now Montjuic is known to most tourists by the singing fountains on its western side and by the monumental National Palace next to them. There are excellent views of the Plaza de Espana. This is one of the most visited places in Barcelona.
15beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgThere are many Olympic facilities on this hill. The Olympic Games in Barcelona were held 22 years ago.
16beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgYou can visit the ancient cemetery of the city and many beautiful gardens and parks on the slopes of Montjuic. They are very popular among lovers and couples for family picnics. Although, we were more interested in the top of the hill.
17beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgMontjuic is like a giant lizard creeping slowly towards the sea.
The fortifications located there are more than 200 years old, but their preservation is astounding.
18beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpg19beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpg20beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgThere you can see the scale of the city port.
There's a free museum inside the fortress.
22beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpg23beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgMontjuic is a decent place for a walk, but we hurried to the highest point of Barcelona - Mount Tibidabo. Rather an amusing name hides not only one of the major landmarks of the city, visible from almost any point of the Barcelona but also a deep sense. Tibidabo is a free interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew, which means in Latin "I give you..."
24beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgThis place seemed attractive and important for Barcelona. Here, standing on the top of the Sagrat Cor church, and finding yourself almost in the arms of the statue of Jesus Christ, you realize the true greatness of the main city of Catalonia. But the way to this point is not easy and not cheap.
25beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgTheoretically, if you have a lot of free time, you can reach the top at 512 meters above sea level on foot. The so-called Tibidabo tourist route includes three transportation means - blue tram, funicular and a lift in the Sagrat Cor church. Plus, you also have to take subway there.
26beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgWe decided to save money, and go on foot on a less than a mile route of the historic Blue Tram. I do not see a big pleasure in going by a decrepit vehicle at a speed of a snail.
27beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgHowever, we did take a funicular.
By the way, you should know that during a low-season, it starts operating from 10 am and it costs about 7 euro (in 2014).
29beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgThe view is almost the same as it was in ancient times.
30beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgAnd then, we finally reached the top. All the true fans of attractions tend to go there. There's the world's oldest amusement park located on several levels.
31beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgThe Sagrat Cor church is not an important historical monument, but it is beautiful like everything else in Barcelona. The figure of Christ with the open embrace at the very top of this church is the highest point of the city.
32beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpg33beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgYou can get to the top only on the elevator which costs a few euros. From there through the narrow Gothic stairs, you will get to the dome of the main tower.
34beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpg35beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpg36beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpg37beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpg38beauty-of-barcelona-from-above.jpgAt that moment, I realized that Barcelona had won my heart and now I will consider this city to be one of the most harmonious and memorable in the world. Viva en Barcelona!
Author: Lavagra
Translated by: Zoozi

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