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Beijing. Chinese Circus

Nefer • 4 minutes read • August 19th, 2016
Let me tell you about the Chinese circus. We went to 


during the New Year holidays.
1beijing-chinese-circus.jpgI'll start with some interesting details. In the circus, like everywhere in 


, there is no wardrobe. The room is not heated, so you can be in your jacket. The numbering of the seats starts from the middle, even numbers go in one direction, the odd ones are in the other! Thus, if you're buying seats together, you have to select, for example, seats No.6 and No.8. What an amazing system :) 
2beijing-chinese-circus.jpgThe performance started. There were very few people. In general, it was prohibited to photograph, but no one paid attention to me. This is not a usual circus in our understanding, but it’s rather an acrobatic show. The Chinese are focusing on the possibilities of the human body, its flexibility, and agility.
3beijing-chinese-circus.jpg4beijing-chinese-circus.jpg5beijing-chinese-circus.jpg6beijing-chinese-circus.jpg7beijing-chinese-circus.jpg8beijing-chinese-circus.jpgGenerally, the performance did not impress us. The decorations were poor, the costumes were filthy, I even got disappointed a little. But the most spectacular act was at the end.
A ball was rolled on the stage. A motorcyclist rode inside and started changing the trajectory, picking up steam. Then he rode across the ball, and then even vertically. The audience had cheered up. The ball only seemed to be big, the rider was like a squirrel in a wheel.
The spectators had started to applaud loudly, but it wasn’t the end of the performance yet! The second motorcyclist came out on stage! Then he went inside the sphere. Meanwhile, the first motorcyclist didn't stop. In the end, there were FIVE motorcyclists in the sphere!!! They were riding inside at the same speed! And their paths did not cross!!! In the end, they were greeted like heroes.
9beijing-chinese-circus.jpg10beijing-chinese-circus.jpg11beijing-chinese-circus.jpgThe circus is worth visiting at least to see the last performance. I really liked it. And I have never seen it in any other circuses!
Author: Nefer
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