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Beijing. Evening Wangfujing

Nefer • 3 minutes read • August 19th, 2016
Let me tell you about the street 


. We were there on the first day of our arrival to 


. But the other evening I was there again and saw Wangfujing in the night light.
1beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpgIt was the 1st of January. It was the night I tasted Peking duck.
2beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg3beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg4beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg5beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpgThere are a lot of different shops on the street: clothing, watches, chocolates, books.
6beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg7beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg8beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg11beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpgThis is a department store.
12beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg13beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpgBears in front of the department store Sun Dong An.
14beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg15beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg16beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpgThis is the 

St. Joseph's Church

, a Catholic church in Beijing, built in 1904.
I heard the music playing nearby. I rushed to see what was happening there.
17beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpgPeople were dancing there. 
18beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg19beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpgI wanted to stay, but I was too tired to continue walking around.
20beijing-evening-wangfujing.jpg Author: Nefer
Translated by: 

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