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Beijing. Kung Fu Show

Nefer • 3 minutes read • August 19th, 2016


, I went to the kung fu show which took place in the Red House.
1kung-fu-show-beijing.jpgEverything was at a high level. The foyer was decorated festively in Chinese style. The boy is alive. He was sitting almost motionless, only making sounds occasionally.
2kung-fu-show-beijing.jpgThe seats in the hall are situated in the Chinese manner. The seats No.1-2 are in the middle, all even numbers are on the right, and all the odd ones are on the left.
3kung-fu-show-beijing.jpgWe liked the performance very much. So much that I would watch it again. Physical capabilities of the performers are amazing! Moreover, it was a story with a plot and dancing. It was interesting to watch.
4kung-fu-show-beijing.jpg5kung-fu-show-beijing.jpg6kung-fu-show-beijing.jpg Author: Nefer
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