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Beijing. Liulichang and Qianmen Streets

Nefer • 4 minutes read • August 19th, 2016

Liulichang Street 

is an open-air museum. The nearest subway station is Hepingmen. Sometimes there were earthenware workshops that made the tiles for the imperial palaces. Then the factories were moved to the suburbs, and the street gradually filled with bookstores. Thirty years ago, the Chinese government has allocated funds for the restoration and recovery. Now there are shops of antiques, art products, and tools for calligraphy.
1beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgThe street is divided into western and eastern parts which connect with each other by a covered bridge illuminated with different colors in the evening.
2beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgWe chose to walk on the eastern part of the street. Antiques, jade, and jewelry are sold there. But the shops close early.
3beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg4beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgSo we had no choice but to walk down the street and look at the houses from the outside. 
5beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgGradually we got to Qianmen Street. But now I want to get distracted and tell you more about cultural and tourist street Liulichang. One day, we went back there to visit the western part. There are shops of Chinese paintings, calligraphy and old books.
6beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgWe went across the bridge.
7beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgThis is a corner house.
8beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg9beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgAll the houses are one- and two-storied. In total, there are about a hundred of houses.
10beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg11beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg12beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg13beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg14beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg15beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg16beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgThere's a market on this side of the street. There are shops where you can buy, for example, a brush for calligraphy.
17beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgWe went back.
18beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg19beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgOne can get to the bridge by stairs or an elevator.
20beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgThere’s the traditional Chinese painting inside.
21beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgLet's come back to that evening from which we emerged to see Lyulichan during the day. We came to Qianmen Street. We were at the gates on the second day of our stay in 


and saw them from 

Tiananmen Square

22beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgOn the opposite side, there’s Tszyanlou, the Tower of Fusiliers. It seemed to be closed.
23beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgQianmen Street starts immediately behind the tower.
24beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg25beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgThe shopping area where there were foreign shops and the most famous restaurants some time ago. In 1900, during the Boxer uprising, the street was severely damaged, and it had remained boring for a long time. A few years ago Qianmen was restored. It even has an old tram that goes en-route from time to time.
26beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgIt is very nice there in the evenings. 
27beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg28beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgQianmen street has a lot of shops! There’s a shop of brand porcelain of ceramics, you can buy tea, musical instruments, clothing, and other things. Such a wonderful atmosphere!
29beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg30beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgThese are artificial flowers. Because it was frosty, the flowers wouldn’t survive.
31beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg32beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg33beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgStreet litter bins of an unusual shape:
34beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgOne of the side streets ends here with such fishes.
35beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpgThis is the Old Beijing Railway Station. Nowadays there’s a museum and a shopping center in the building. This is close to Tiananmen Square (its southeast region). 
36beijing-liulichang-qianmen-streets.jpg Author: Nefer
Translated by: 

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