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Beijing. The Imperial Yu Garden

Nefer • 4 minutes read • August 13th, 2016
The garden is located on the territory of the 

Forbidden City

, in its northern part.
1beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgHere’s a view of the garden from the Kunningmen Gate (the Gate of Earthly Tranquility).
2beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgThe garden was not very big. Each tree had a plate. 
3beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgI was so surprised by the ugly rocks, located between the trees in the garden. It was a riddle for me; where did they come from? Whether these rocks were specially removed from the seabed for the emperor or this is simply a rocky terrain converted into a garden - I do not know. However, it was unpleasant walking between them.
4beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpg5beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgHere’s Qianqiuting (the Pavilion Of Thousand Autumns), located in the western part of the garden. On the opposite, eastern part, is the same thing called Wanchunting  (the Pavilion of Myriad Springs). The west in China symbolizes autumn, and the east represents spring.
6beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgThis is Chengruiting (the Pavilion of Deposited Jade). And directly next to it, in the eastern part of the garden, is Fubiting (the Pavilion of Floating Greenery). Both are above water.
7beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpg8beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgThis is a sculpture, created by nature.
9beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpg10beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpg11beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpg12beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgThe central and dominant part of the garden is Duixiushan (the Hill of Accumulated Elegance). There’s also Yujingting (the Pavilion of Imperial Scenery). I failed to understand the Chinese emperors and didn’t appreciate the beauty.
13beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpg14beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgI was impressed by the things I saw. I wanted to understand what was considered beautiful by the Chinese emperors. So we decided to walk through the area again.
15beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpg16beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpg17beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgThis is Shunzhenmen - Gate of Loyal Obedience. We went to the exit.
18beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgWe left the Forbidden City through the northern gate - Shenwu Men (the Gate of Divine Prowess).
19beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgOn the mountain, there are the Jingshan Gongyuan gazebos (the 

Imperial Jingshan Park

). We went there after visiting Gugong (the Palace Museum).
20beijing-the-imperial-yu-garden.jpgOne can see the Forbidden City from the satellite on the Internet. One day is probably not enough to get around all the buildings. This is the main place of interest in 


. But to be honest, it didn’t impress me.
Author: Nefer
Translated by: Zoozi

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