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Beijing. The Old Summer Palace

Nefer • 4 minutes read • August 19th, 2016

Yuanming Yuan (The Old Summer Palace)

 is another summer residence of the Chinese emperors. The guide called this section "Ruins of Yuanming Yuan", let me explain why. Once there was a beautiful palace with lots of pavilions and gazebos built on sketches of Cixi. A park with an artificial lake and carved bridges was built around all of this splendor. There were waterfalls, and fountains, and the stone structures. But during the "Opium War", Yuanming Yuan was looted and burned. It was a shock, and the Empress ordered not to restore the palace complex, preferring to simply forget about it. The park is located near the 

Summer Palace

, we had a little time to walk around it.
1beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgHonestly, I expected to see the ruins. But then I remembered that I had read somewhere about the restoration of the palace and the park. I was even a little disappointed.
2beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg3beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgThere’s a small museum inside the pavilion.
4beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg5beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgThere’s another pavilion behind the pavilion.
6beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg7beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgThis is the Side Pavilion with some kind of exhibition.
8beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg9beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgThe area between the pavilions was small enough. There was nowhere to go, I was really upset, and we headed to the exit. The side street was like a gateway. There was no one, and we decided to see the lanes and alleys of the former palace.
10beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgSuddenly we saw a sign. Then I remembered that I had read about lotus flowers of the incredible beauty that bloom in the summer park. I was hoping to see something else besides those three pavilions that we had already visited.
11beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgThat was only the "tip of the iceberg," here’s the park!
12beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg13beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgIt must be very nice there in summer.
14beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg15beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgHere’s a dried-up lake.
16beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgSilence and tranquility. There were people, but the park is so big that you can find many secluded corners. A few signs were indicating the distance to the nearest place of interest, but everything is pretty far.
17beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg18beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgThe sunset was close, so we had to go home, although we did not want to leave.
19beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgThis part of the park was more crowded.
20beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg21beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgThe area is not just big, it’s huge! We saw only a small piece not far from the entrance, but, unfortunately, we did not have the time to see the most interesting part. You should come here for the whole day.
22beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg23beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg24beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg25beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg26beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpgNear the park, there’s a subway Station called Yuanming Yuan Park.
27beijing-yuanming-yuan.jpg Tourists should visit this place, there is a very pleasant atmosphere.
Author: Nefer
Translated by: 

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