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Beijing. Xidan

Nefer • 4 minutes read • August 19th, 2016
Xidan is a well-known business and shopping district of 


. The guide said it was a twin brother of Dongdan, but it seemed very different to me. Everything was much bigger there: there was a whole street of giant department stores, underground shopping mall, and a crazy cluster of stores!
We stopped near a six-story bookstore and were shocked with the scale.
1beijing-xidan.jpgOn a map, the place was indicated as the Xidan Cultural Square. After we made a walk along 

Chang'an Avenue

, we were looking for a suitable place to have dinner and do some shopping.
2beijing-xidan.jpg3beijing-xidan.jpgWe saw a crowd of people and went in its direction. We did not know then what was waiting for us.
4beijing-xidan.jpgThere were so many people! All the shops were full of Chinese. Discounts everywhere, but I would not say that there were very low prices. Considering shopping in America, I can say that everything is expensive in 


. In addition, most of the things are not for tall people.
5beijing-xidan.jpgThere’s an advertising of a new Body fragrance. And there are crowds of people! Look, all the bridges were filled with people! They went from shop to shop, buying something. But what they were buying, I did not understand.
6beijing-xidan.jpgWe went to a shopping mall, found a food court and a cafe with the English menu and had a delicious dinner. 
7beijing-xidan.jpgThen we walked through this shopping center. 
8beijing-xidan.jpg9beijing-xidan.jpgThere was a shock therapy for us that day. There were so many people in the subway that I had never seen anywhere in my life! In no country in the world!
But one evening we came to Xidan again to try our luck. We foolishly decided to have dinner in Yoshinoya. In Tokyo, we had repeatedly eaten in this chain of restaurants, and it used to be delicious. But in Beijing, everything turned out exactly the opposite. We didn’t like the food. Disappointed, we went shopping.
10beijing-xidan.jpgXidan is very beautiful in the evening; everything was lit and shimmering with lights. There was a lot less people, and we were able to at least see something. But alas, there were only youth fashioned clothes in the shops. So we decided to walk down the street.
11beijing-xidan.jpgThe backlight was changing. Everything was very nice and positive. It created a feeling of a holiday.
12beijing-xidan.jpg13beijing-xidan.jpg14beijing-xidan.jpg15beijing-xidan.jpg16beijing-xidan.jpg17beijing-xidan.jpg18beijing-xidan.jpgBeijing is amazing, sometimes in a good and sometimes in a bad sense.
Author: Nefer
Translated by: 

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