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Belfast, City Where Titanic Was Built

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • March 28th, 2016


is the capital of Northern Ireland and has been at the forefront of public attention because of the strife between Catholics and Protestants many years ago, based on the British coming in and imposing their own faith. To this day there are ill-feelings between the English and the Irish.
The city is divided by a wall built in 1969. Protestants (52%) lived on one side and Irish Catholics (48%) lived on the other side. The wall has several gates that automatically close at 10 pm.
The fence is reminiscent of the Berlin Wall...

Everyone signs the wall and it is definitely a tourist attraction.

The entire city is painted with graffiti, related to military or liberation activities, despite the fact that the truce has lasted for 15 years:

The people depicted were detained as criminals and went on a hunger strike they were denied special status for paramilitary prisoners. Five demands were made, among them was the refusal to wear a prison uniform. So they lived in blankets for several years:

Headquarters of Sinn Fein - political wing of the Irish Republican Army. The picture of Bobby Sands on the building - one of the protesters - was later elected to the British 


. However, he never appeared because he died 25 days after he was elected. Hundreds of thousands of people came to his funeral:

Cromwell is also here. He is the direct cause of the strife. The quote on the house reads: 'Catholicism is more than a religion. It is a political power. Therefore I'm lend to believe there will be no peace in Ireland until the Catholic church is crashed':

In 1690 King William III (Protestant) killed the troops of James II (Catholic). In honor of this victory, every year on July 12, Protestants hold a noisy march through the Catholic districts. 

Graffiti in honor of the famous Protestant killer nicknamed Topgun - after the movie with the same name:

There are a lot of memorial signs in Belfast:

The funeral of a Protestant who died in an accident:

Residential quarters of the city consist mainly of townhouses:

Irish luck in 'mini' format:

The Shipyard where the 'Titanic' was built. As they joke here, 'Titanic' was built by 700 Irish and drowned by one Englishman. The small yellowish figure in the middle is a mannequin designed to show the enormity of the sunken ship:

Parliament Buildings.

The coolest gay bar called 'Kremlin':

City dwellers:

Students wear uniform:

'Poundworld'. A network of stores where everything inside can be bought for one pound:




A street full of ATMs:

'Stiff Kitten' Club. 

Irish tunes in a modern interpretation:
Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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