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Belgium. Brussels. Atomium

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 24th, 2016
The next stop of our tour in 


 is the 


. This monument was originally constructed for World Expo 58, and it symbolizes the atomic age.
There are 9 spheres, and people can access 6 of them where exhibition halls are.
Spheres are connected with tubes, with corridors and escalators inside, and there is an elevator inside the middle tube. A restaurant and an observation deck are located in the top sphere. I wish I could get there!
1brussels-atomium.jpg2brussels-atomium.jpgHere's a closer view of the sphere:
3brussels-atomium.jpgThere are exhibition halls across the way.
4brussels-atomium.jpgHere's a closer view:
5brussels-atomium.jpg6brussels-atomium.jpgThere's a mini park "Europe" next to the 


 which exhibits models of the most famous buildings in Europe. I wish I could visit it!
Unfortunately, there's little time for everything with guided tours.
So we went further.
7brussels-atomium.jpg8brussels-atomium.jpgNice trim :)
9brussels-atomium.jpgHere are pink chestnuts. I saw them for the first time during this trip.
10brussels-atomium.jpgPeople are walking along the streets of Brussels ...
11brussels-atomium.jpg...and dogs are walking here. Do you see the sign?
12brussels-atomium.jpgA bicycle path:
13brussels-atomium.jpgHere's a fountain:
14brussels-atomium.jpgThere are various interesting and quite strange sculptures on the Brussels streets :)
15brussels-atomium.jpg16brussels-atomium.jpg17brussels-atomium.jpg18brussels-atomium.jpgWe passed by the Royal Palace. People are preparing for the feast - May 6th is the birthday of Brussels. A yellow lily is a symbol of Brussels, so it's the celebration of Iris!
19brussels-atomium.jpgRoyal Square:
20brussels-atomium.jpg21brussels-atomium.jpgThis is the Palace of Justice:
22brussels-atomium.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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