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Belgium. Brussels. P3

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 24th, 2016
In the morning, we looked out of the window from the 14th floor and saw the whole 


This is the Palace of Justice as we found out later.
2brussels-part3.jpg3brussels-part3.jpg4brussels-part3.jpgWe went on a sightseeing guided tour. These are the photos from the bus window.
5brussels-part3.jpgI like these double-decker buses. I have never been on one of them and had to try! On the second floor, of course! :)
6brussels-part3.jpg7brussels-part3.jpgThis is just a view of 


. A combination of styles :)

8brussels-part3.jpgThe first stop is the 


Park (created in honor of the 50th anniversary of Belgium's Independence in 1880).
9brussels-part3.jpgThere's a fountain in front of the arch.
10brussels-part3.jpgWe left the bus and went to the Cinquantenaire. There's a restaurant on the left on top of the arch. It would be great to see Brussels from there!
11brussels-part3.jpgHere's a closer view:
There are a few people in the Cinquantenaire park this morning. Only dog lovers walk there :)
13brussels-part3.jpg14brussels-part3.jpgWe left the Cinquantenaire and went further. These are the photos from the bus window.​
15brussels-part3.jpgDo you see the letter "M"? It's the metro!​
17brussels-part3.jpgThere is a lot of acacia in Belgium. This is the acacia growing alongside the streets!
Acacia was blooming in May when we came here.​
18brussels-part3.jpgNext, we went to the Atomium.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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