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Berlin From Inside. P1

lavagra • 5 minutes read • January 15th, 2017
1berlin-from-inside.jpgIt is very, very difficult to write a worthy report about one of the most famous cities in the world, the giant metropolis and the capital of Germany concurrently. 


is a controversial city. Sometimes it raises a lot of questions, sometimes it is shocking, admirable and disappointing at the same time. I will try to write truthfully - the city did not seem nice to me, and it is hardly ideal as well, but it was also very interesting.
Walking along its central streets had inspired my imagination. Attentive by-passers were transferred back in time by numerous poses from old photos.
Nowadays, Berlin looks very modern, and even like a boring city at times. But on the other hand, the past can be seen in every step.
2berlin-from-inside.jpgPerhaps I should start with the fact that Berlin pleasantly surprised us with prices and a democratic approach to all its guests. Here, everyone can count on his small budget. Perhaps, only in this city among the biggest Western European capitals, one can easily find a nice room with breakfast and free parking for 20 Euros (as of 2015) per person, in walking distance from the city center. Here, you can also have a tasty snack, for example, in a kebab house of some Turks-owner for a very reasonable price.
3berlin-from-inside.jpgThere seemed to be a continuous construction process throughout the city. The city continues to change right before your eyes.
Having an almost 800-years-old history, Berlin got used to conquerors and destruction.
6berlin-from-inside.jpgTo our surprise, the First World War had hardly affected the life of the city. Global changes were made in Berlin with Hitler, who came to power. The capital of Germany was going to take a special place in his plans concerning the capture of the world. After all, this city was planned to become the center of a new world order.
A major reconstruction project of the city had begun. However, at an opportune moment, the summer Olympic Games were held in Berlin and global restructuring plans were not completed. 
7berlin-from-inside.jpgThis is a 219 foot (67 meters) tall 

Victory Column

with a statue of the goddess Victoria, which the Berliners still call "Golden Elsa".
8berlin-from-inside.jpg9berlin-from-inside.jpgWe ascended to the very top, by foot, of the golden statue where a peculiar observation deck is equipped.
10berlin-from-inside.jpgThis observation deck offers, perhaps, the best panoramas of the city.
11berlin-from-inside.jpg12berlin-from-inside.jpg13berlin-from-inside.jpgYou start feeling the border of the past and the present.
14berlin-from-inside.jpg15berlin-from-inside.jpgThe building of the well-known 


can also be called an object that successfully combines the past and the present.
16berlin-from-inside.jpgYou can get inside free of charge, but only if you register in a line roughly three months before your trip. But even that does not save you from standing in long lines, as there are many people who wish to see this historical monument from the inside.
17berlin-from-inside.jpgThen we went to another attraction in Berlin - The Brandenburg Gate.
18berlin-from-inside.jpg19berlin-from-inside.jpg20berlin-from-inside.jpg21berlin-from-inside.jpg22berlin-from-inside.jpg23berlin-from-inside.jpg24berlin-from-inside.jpg25berlin-from-inside.jpgHere you can find the second part of this review.
Author: Lavagra
Translated by: 

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