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Berlin From Inside. P2

lavagra • 4 minutes read • January 15th, 2017
This is a continuation of the review, the first part of which can be found here.
The main city street, 

Unter den Linden, was

 still full of iconic objects of past heritage.
26berlin-from-inside.jpgThis street wasfull of luxury hotels, banks, and fashionable shops. 
27berlin-from-inside.jpg28berlin-from-inside.jpgThere was an exposition of the German Historical Museum inside.


did not cease to amaze us with its contrasts.
30berlin-from-inside.jpgLater, we approached the Museum Island. There was the 

Pergamon Museum

, Berlin Cathedral, the Art Gallery and the Egyptian Museum.
31berlin-from-inside.jpg32berlin-from-inside.jpg33berlin-from-inside.jpgAfter the Museum Island, we turned away from Unter den Linden and soon found ourselves on the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt square.
34berlin-from-inside.jpgThree of the most beautiful buildings in Berlin are located here. They are the Concert hall in the center, the French Cathedral, and the German Cathedral.
35berlin-from-inside.jpgWe witnessed a strange live installation like "The Last Supper".
36berlin-from-inside.jpgThen we went further.
37berlin-from-inside.jpgSoon, we found ourselves back in a symbolic place - Checkpoint Charlie. Many tragic events took place here on the border of West and East Berlin after the war.
38berlin-from-inside.jpg39berlin-from-inside.jpg40berlin-from-inside.jpg41berlin-from-inside.jpg42berlin-from-inside.jpgOne of the archival images depicts the moment of the explosion of the Lutheran Church, which was destroyed for the further construction of the barrier. Indeed, Berlin has experienced real madness!
43berlin-from-inside.jpgCheckpoint Charlie is now a museum, the entrance to which costs about 10 Euros (as of 2015). Although, the fragments of the infamous wall can be seen nearby, outside of the museum. 
44berlin-from-inside.jpgIt's amazing how quickly everything that was associated with the hated division of Berlin has become a hot commodity.
45berlin-from-inside.jpgNowadays, the feeling of nostalgia brings good profits. For example, the "Trabi" museum and amusement park is dedicated to the once-popular German car "Trabant".
46berlin-from-inside.jpgTo sum up, it may be said that our walk through the city of Berlin was exciting and interesting. Perhaps, this city lacks external aesthetics, and sometimes it looks very unsightly, but it also has a rich and interesting history.
47berlin-from-inside.jpg Author: Lavagra
Translated by: 

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