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Berlin. Spree. Gendarmenmarkt. Franzosischer Dom, Deutscher Dom. Konzerthaus

Nefer • 4 minutes read • August 17th, 2016
Here's a boat on the 

River Spree



Here's the British Embassy. It is interesting that the street is blocked for transport by two rows of half-meter pillars.
And here's the public toilet. It's free. It has such an interesting construction.
In the square called 


, there is Französischer Dom and Deutscher Dom (French Cathedral and German Cathedral). And there is Konzerthaus (the Concert Hall) and the Schiller Monument between them. The square itself is pretty spacious, and the cathedrals are so similar to each other that I was turning my head back and forth for 10 minutes comparing them and trying to find at least some difference. In general, there are differences, but the cathedrals are nearly identical. By the way, they are not actually cathedrals. The French Cathedral houses the Huguenots Museum and the German Cathedral houses the museum of German history. Gendarmenmarkt was named after the former barracks of the Royal Gendarmerie.
Here's Konzerthaus.
Here's Französischer Dom and the Schiller Monument.
And here's Deutscher Dom.  
This is the staircase in the tower.
And here's the museum of the history of German democracy. We met people inside, they were listening to a tour in German. Adult men were standing near the USSR flag in front of the swastika and listening to the guide. It was interesting, what the guide was telling them. In general, it was a complete surprise to me, I was ready to see an absolutely different interior. After all, it is a cathedral.
Author: Nefer
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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