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Best Places to Visit in Boston, MA by CruiseBe

5 minutes read • April 3rd, 2018
Boston is an American city with a unique mix of the old and the new, history and innovations, nature and monumental architecture. It is the heart of Massachusetts and one of the major ports of the Atlantic coast. It is a perfect starting point for breathtaking cruises in the Caribbean & Bermuda, Canada & New England. Just don’t forget to explore the

best places to visit in Boston

, MA before getting on your ship!

1. Freedom Trail
Freedom Trail Boston
©  Public Domain/Pixabay

Boston is deservedly considered one of the best cities for walking and sightseeing – and here’s the main reason why! Freedom Trail is a path that will take you not only to important attractions of the city but through its challenging history.

2. Museum of Fine Arts
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
©  Public Domain/Pixabay

Oh, there are so many beautiful masterpieces of art to see! It’s possible to spend the whole day here, admiring almost half a million exhibits from different eras and different parts of our planet. Museum of Fine Arts is definitely one of the Boston top attractions everyone should visit.

3. Harvard University
Harvard University

©  Public Domain/Pixabay

Is there anyone who has never heard of Harvard? Is there anyone who has never dreamed of finding himself in it? At least to glance at real campus life of this prestigious university. You’ve got an opportunity to do it during your visit to Boston! Who knows, maybe you will come back here later – already as a student!

4. Fenway Park
Fenway Park Boston
©  Public Domain/Pixabay

Do you know how to spend the unforgettable evening before the cruise? Of course, at Fenway Park. It is a baseball park with great facilities for watching the game of the Boston Red Sox, singing at some concert, taking an exciting tour or sitting in a lively bar.

5. Public Garden
Public Garden Boston

©  Public Domain/Pixabay

This place is charming at any time of the day and at any season. No matter how many problems you’ve got in the big world, you can feel complete relaxation and tranquility here. The Public Garden became the stage for many novels, movies. It is the main character of numerous artworks. Absolutely for a good reason!

6. Boston Public Library, McKim building
Boston Public Library, McKim building

©  Public Domain/Pixabay

Fantastic architecture, lovely courtyard, chic interiors – you just can’t pass by this gorgeous building situated in Copley Square. Besides, you’ll find the mind-blowing collection of books including rare exhibits here.

7. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

©  Public Domain/Wikipedia

Let’s take a tour of John F. Kennedy’s life! You’ll walk through his childhood, get acquainted with his family and First Lady, and see how he used to change politics and history. This place can really motivate and inspire you.

8. Old State House
Old State House Boston

©  Public Domain/Pixabay

This significant building houses the history museum now. It’s beautiful from outside and fascinating from inside as it tells you the story of the Boston’s hard but so important past.

9. Boston Common
Boston Common

©  Public Domain/Wikipedia

In addition to lush greenery and cute squirrels, this public park has numerous landmarks and the visitor’s center. Boston Common is perfect for walking, sightseeing, and watching calm life right in the middle of the megapolis.

10. Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area
Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area
©  Public Domain/Wikipedia

Here’s the place where you can rest from the vanity of this world and admire views of Boston. You can choose from more than 30 islands with hiking trails, beaches, historical sights, and all the things you need for recreation.

Of course, it is only the beginning of best places to visit in Boston, MA. Just keep in mind that your cruise ship is waiting for you! Have a nice trip!
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Map of the best Boston, MA things to do:

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