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Best Tips for First Time Cruisers

9 minutes read • March 17th, 2017
Are you about to go on your first cruise? It’s so exciting and intriguing! Oh yes, we know, you have so many questions and feel a bit nervous and confused. First of all, let’s calm down, take a deep breath and make things clear, and

tips for first time cruisers

will help us!

Each of us was in your shoes once. We even believe that every next voyage is like the very first one for some cruise lovers. That’s why we’ve collected the best first time cruise tips. Let’s take a look at them together!

• Check necessary travel documentation
tips for first time cruisers

Every cruise company has all the information you have to know about travel documentation. To avoid problems while embarkation or in the ports you are going to visit, you shouldn’t ignore it. Be sure to find out what kind of documents you need for the cruise in advance – on the official websites, by calling the cruise line’s representatives, from your travel agent, etc.

• Get your cell phone ready for international calls
tips for first time cruisers

Call your cell phone operator and ask for details on the cellphone plans available at the heavenly island you are going to visit next month. Probably, it will be better to purchase a special international package to send your love to your friends and relatives. Otherwise, you may be disappointed by the cell phone bill you’ll get after the breathtaking vacation. Or just leave your phone in the cabin – to feel absolutely free and careless!

• Prepare for embarkation
tips for first time cruisers

Don’t forget to provide your cruise line with necessary check-in information before embarkation day. The most convenient way is to fill up the online form you can find on the official websites. Find out all the information about the beginning of check-in in the cruise terminal. It may be better for you and for your nerves to arrive the day before the ship’s departure and spend the night in a hotel. Particularly, if you have to fly. In this case, you should book the hotel and choose the way to get to the port in advance. If the port is within the driving distance from your hometown and you are going to drive on your own, find information about the parking lots near the port to be safe. 

• Take cash
tips for first time cruisers

When passing the check-in, you are issued a personal card which serves as your pass, cabin key, and credit card. All the onboard payments are made with that card only. Except for the casino. You may also need some cash in ports of call. Think about your possible expenses and don’t forget to take some cash with you.  

• Get acquainted with alcohol policy
tips for first time cruisers

Every cruise company has its own alcohol policy. Check it – and don’t forget to take everything you are allowed to take! (of course, only if you consume all of that!) It will save you plenty of money. It’s also important to find all the information on drinks you are permitted to take on board after purchasing in ports of call. Don’t try to break the rules – there are no exceptions for anyone, and the penalty may be pretty severe.

• Plan your port day in advance
tips for first time cruisers

We bet you don’t want to waste your time and wreck nerves searching for things to do and places to see when your ship has already moored in the port. Moreover, thinking out your activities and excursions in advance is much safer and can even save you some money. Spend some time choosing your best options when you are still at home. By the way, CruiseBe has a great tool that will be useful in planning your port days and the entire cruise. You can check it



• Keep track of time
tips for first time cruisers

Not on your mobile phone, because it can automatically switch to the local time. Your wristwatch is your best friend while enjoying the port. Just make sure it shows the ship’s time.
It seems to be obvious. However, it's really among the most important first time cruise recommendations. We don’t want to see our ship leaving without us, do we?

• Get ready for formal night
tips for first time cruisers

It is a special occasion when almost all the ship’s passengers put on beautiful evening attire and have great aristocratic dinner in the main restaurant. You’ll even get a chance to take pictures with the crew members and with the captain. Don’t miss this opportunity – the atmosphere is really incredible! All you need is to pack beautiful evening closes.

• Keep fit
tips for first time cruisers

Cruise ship is a real food paradise! However, your vacation may leave not only pleasant impressions but also extra pounds! You can easily avoid that by using stairs (say no to elevators!), walking on the Promenade deck and following the tips on How to Keep fit on a Cruise Ship!

• Stay on the ship during the port day
tips for first time cruisers

It is a great chance to explore all the amenities of your 

cruise ship

! Choose the port you can miss, stay on board when all the travelers go ashore – and enjoy the moment. You can walk, swim in the pool, relax in the hot tub or just sit on the upper deck with some refreshing drink – this is your choice! And your day alone with this beautiful cruise ship!

We’ll definitely tell you about the things you should pack for your cruise vacation in the future, and now we’d like to mention useful items you might miss.

• Backpack
tips for first time cruisers

The stylish handbag will certainly look chic on the islands. However, let’s leave it for formal night! A comfortable backpack will serve the occasion much better. To take all the necessities with you, to climb the beautiful waterfall easily… well, and to fill it with cool souvenirs. By the way, why don’t you choose a stylish backpack? You’ll definitely look and feel perfect with it!  

• Power strip
tips for first time cruisers

Particularly, if you travel with a big company or family. Just imagine yourself trying to recharge a phone, your husband/wife working on his/her laptop and kids with a tablet that runs out of battery! It’s better to take the power strip (without surge protectors) to avoid battles for a power outlet. Note that you should bring the new device still being packed. Otherwise, you may be forbidden to take it on the ship.

• Comfortable shoes 
tips for first time cruisers

Namely, the closed-toe shoes. It may seem that a pair of flip-flops would be enough. That’s right, but only if you are planning to relax by the pool or at the beach. How about zip lining, horseback riding or extreme onboard attractions? You can’t miss them, but these activities require comfortable shoes that won’t fly off while soaring over the jungle! By the way, the beach may be pretty rocky! It’s better to buy special water shoes to avoid injuries and bad mood.

• Sunscreen
tips for first time cruisers

Please, don’t forget it! Even if you are going to explore Alaska! Don’t let the sunburns spoil your vacation. By the way, there are special sunscreen towelettes that won’t take much space and add weight to your luggage.

• Flashlight
tips for first time cruisers

Of course, you can do without it. However, you should take the flashlight with you to be ready for everything! Particularly, if you have the inside cabin. And children that don’t want to go to bed right now! 

By the way, don’t try to do everything on the first day aboard the ship! All the souvenirs, bars, drinks, photos, shops won’t go missing after the first night of the cruise! Take a look around, sort out your priorities, and postpone shopping for later. 

No matter how many times you’ve already cruised! No matter if it is your very first experience! All you need is to relax and enjoy everything around you – the ship, the sea, happy people, and all fantastic opportunities the cruise vacation can offer!

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