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Bilbao-Atxuri Station

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Bilbao-Atxuri Station, commonly known only as Bilbao-Atxuri or Atxuri Station is a terminal station located in the neighborhood of Atxuri, in the district of Ibaiondo in Bilbao, Spain. The terminal serves commuters traveling on EuskoTren and the tram services of EuskoTran. It is the terminal station for both services. It is owned by the Basque Country Transportation Department. The building also serves as headquarters for the company Eusko Trenbideak - Ferrocarriles Vascos.


The current building for the Bilbao-Atxuri station was built in 1913 in order to replace the original station, built in 1882 and too small for the city's population and requerimients. Its style is known as "neovasco" and was designed by the architect Manual Maria Smith. Currently is the terminal station for the commuter rail services of EuskoTren which connects Bilbao with Bermeo and the city of San Sebastián. It also works as terminal station for the tram services of EuskoTran. It also serves as the headquarters of the company Eusko Trenbideak - Ferrocarriles Vascos.


The station has tracks both for EuskoTran and EuskoTren. The one that is used by the tram are located near the main door and can be accessed from the main hall, where the passenger can buy the tickets. There's only one rail track for the tram. The EuskoTren tracks are located at the other side of the station, and a ticket is needed in order to access to the tracks. There are four main tracks where the trains make their departure and also their arrival. The main hall has access to the company's offices and has a store. The automatic machines that sell the tickets and the schedules and time tables are located there too.


Station's future

The EuskoTren station in Atxuri will disappear when the new expansion of the rail tracks of EuskoTren is finished. That expansion expects to connect Etxebarri Station with Casco Viejo station. Therefore, the stations of Bolueta and Atxuri will not longer serve as EuskoTren stations. The current Bilbao-Atxuri station will still be in use, as EuskoTran will take advantage of the current rail tracks and will continue until Etxebarri station, where it will connect with EuskoTren. Therefore, Atxuri Station would not longer be a terminal station. The constructions for the new lines are expected to start on 2012. ||| Creative Commons Zero, Public Domain Dedication ||| Public domain

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