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Bluefields Beach

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Bluefields Beach Park is a very popular public beach in Bluefields in the south-east of Westmoreland, Jamaica. It gets very busy at weekends and holidays.

The old road from Black River to Savanna-la-Mar is separated from the beach by only a low stone wall. However, this old road was replaced by a slightly more inland bypass in the 1990s and one now approaches the beach through gates from a junction at the western end of this bypass. As a result, there is now extensive car parking on the approach road and within a gated Beach Park. The whole area can become very full on holidays. A further set of gates provides pedestrian access to the old road by the beach.

The beach is very narrow and about 1 km long. It is beautiful with soft white sand however it is covered by quiet a few stones. The stones seem to have appeared after hurricane Dean.

The swimming is generally regarded as very good, although the exposed situation can result in uncomfortable waves if there is a swell.

There is little shade from the sun on the beach and no chairs or umbrellas are on offer. However, the Beach Park is located in a shady, well-wooded area and offers for a fee of $50 Jamaican the usual showering/changing/toilet facilities. The park also holds a number of small restaurants which are noted for their locally caught fish. One of the most famous restaurants in the park is Meals on wheels which was/is now known as Fresh Touch Restaurant.

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