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Boating Around Venice

River Pilgrim • 5 minutes read • October 20th, 2016
In the morning, we took a water taxi from our hotel to the port; it wasn't far. Getting there by boat was expensive, but we had a lot of baggage.
1boating-around-venice.jpgWe called in the harbor and sailed past our ship, simultaneously examining it from all sides.
2boating-around-venice.jpgHere’s a general view of one of the harbors of the passenger port. From left to right: MSC Opera, MSC Poesia and Costa Victoria.
3boating-around-venice.jpgAfter registration, we had a couple of hours to see the city. Instead of the usual walking around, we chose a trip by vaporetto – a river tram/ shuttle boat; the only form of public transport on the island of Venice. An hour trip cost about 6 Euros (as of 2009). But if you are in Venice for several days and plan to use the tram often, it is better to buy a travel pass for one or two days because it will be much cheaper.
We took route No.1 near the railway station. The route went by the 

Grand Canal


San Marco

. Seating at the front offered the best views.  
4boating-around-venice.jpg5boating-around-venice.jpg6boating-around-venice.jpgThis is a view of the Rialto Bridge.
7boating-around-venice.jpgThe quays of the canals had designated areas for smoking.
8boating-around-venice.jpg9boating-around-venice.jpgIn general, the central part of Venice was quite a romantic and emotional.
10boating-around-venice.jpg11boating-around-venice.jpg12boating-around-venice.jpgOur gondola ride was excellent, but the walk ashore was less than pleasant. The center, near San Marco, was extremely crowded. So we decided to back to the ship.  
13boating-around-venice.jpgHere’s a view of Venice from the 14th deck of our ship.
14boating-around-venice.jpgA few more ships were leaving the harbor along with our ship. In the picture, you can see Splendour of the Seas being pulled out of the pier by two tugboats, and the third was pulling our ship.
15boating-around-venice.jpgUsually, two tugboats help the ships to pass through the canals of 


. One tugboat stays by the front of the ship while the other is by the stern. They are used for traction rather than pulling.
16boating-around-venice.jpgThis is a view of the sea passenger port of Venice. In the foreground, you can see the Michelangelo river ship and the Strasbourg port.
17boating-around-venice.jpgThe sea cruise liners helped us see places that were otherwise inaccessible from the shore, opening up the beautiful panoramic views.
18boating-around-venice.jpg19boating-around-venice.jpgAs well as some unusual views.
20boating-around-venice.jpgGiudecca Canal is used as the port of for passenger, cargo-passenger and pleasure vessels.
21boating-around-venice.jpg22boating-around-venice.jpgHere’s Santa Maria della Salute, with the Giudecca Canal on the left and the Grand Canal on the right.
23boating-around-venice.jpgHere’s the main square of Venice, Piazza San Marco. You can also see the cathedral and the campanile (bell tower) of Piazza San Marco and the Ducal Palace (of rulers and heads of state).
24boating-around-venice.jpgThe campanile has an observation deck at a height of 226 feet (69 meters).
25boating-around-venice.jpgHere’s the Grand Palace Canal and Bridge of Sighs (in depth), one of Venice's most famous bridges, along with the Rialto Bridge. Unfortunately, it was closed for renovation.
26boating-around-venice.jpg27boating-around-venice.jpg28boating-around-venice.jpg29boating-around-venice.jpg30boating-around-venice.jpgThe Alps can be seen on the horizon.
31boating-around-venice.jpgHere’s a view of the central part of the island of Venice. There’s the Cathedral of San Giorgio Maggiore, to the left.
32boating-around-venice.jpgThis is the Venetian Lagoon. You can see here the Islands of San Clemente and Sacca Sessola.
33boating-around-venice.jpgBeyond are three cruise ships in the center of Venice.
34boating-around-venice.jpgHere’s the Church of St. Helena, on the similarly-named island.
35boating-around-venice.jpg36boating-around-venice.jpgThen we went around the island of Lido, Venice beach and the site where the Venice Film Festival is usually held.
37boating-around-venice.jpg38boating-around-venice.jpgAnd then we were back on the Adriatic Sea.
39boating-around-venice.jpg Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Zoozi

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