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Bonython Hall

History and museums
sightseeing, landmark, walking

Bonython Hall is the "great hall" of the University of Adelaide, located in the university grounds and facing North Terrace, Adelaide. The building is on the Register of the National Estate and the South Australian Heritage Register. It is primarily used for University graduation ceremonies, examinations, expositions and public lectures and meetings likely to draw large audiences.


The hall was built in the period 1933-1936 as a result of a donation of over £50,000 from Sir John Langdon Bonython.


There are many local legends about the building, with two being particularly resilient:

Bonython Hall is opposite Pulteney Street, the only one of the city's north-south thoroughfares which does not continue north through the parklands. Folklore has it that the Bonython donation was made on the condition that a hall be built opposite Pulteney Street, thus blocking any future path through the parklands and preventing the division of the campus by a major thoroughfare.

Folklore also maintains that the Bonython family were very conservative and did not want the building used as a dance hall. Hence, the hall was designed and built with a sloping floor rather than flat floor.

Renovation works

Beginning in 2005, the University has been conducting renovation works. The quality of these works has been rewarded with an Award of Merit at the 2007 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation.

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