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Bora Bora. P1

xorolik • 6 minutes read • June 23rd, 2016
Well, and now it’s high time to go where many travelers are longing to go; Tahiti and 

Bora Bora

! For us, this journey seemed to be distant, mysterious, and seemingly unrealizable. But we did it.
1bora-borapart1.jpgBora Bora is the second largest island in French Polynesia after Tahiti. It is located 149 miles (240 km) north-west of Tahiti. Bora Bora is the pearl of the Pacific ocean! It was named after the pearl lagoon. It is a mountain mass with three summits.
2bora-borapart1.jpg3bora-borapart1.jpg4bora-borapart1.jpg5bora-borapart1.jpg6bora-borapart1.jpg8bora-borapart1.jpg9bora-borapart1.jpgFor snorkeling, there were a few little fish, or a lot of them if you have food in your hands. The tropical fish are very bright! But we saw rays several times, every day in front of our room. Time after time we saw these lovely creatures jumping out of the water. Maybe someone was chasing them, or it was part of a mating game. Either way, it was spectacular!
10bora-borapart1.jpg11bora-borapart1.jpg12bora-borapart1.jpg13bora-borapart1.jpg14bora-borapart1.jpg15bora-borapart1.jpg16bora-borapart1.jpg17bora-borapart1.jpg18bora-borapart1.jpg19bora-borapart1.jpgOn the main island, 


, there was a supermarket where you can buy food, drinks and alcohol in order to save money for the very expensive dinner. In front of Vaitape, there is the only navigable channel, Teavanui, which connects the lagoon to the ocean. Cruise liners are moored there. Here you can rent a car or take a taxi, and travel around the island. You can also take a tour jeep safari, go to the supermarket, souvenir shops and visit the famous restaurant, Bloody Mary. There is a bank, a post office, a hospital, a Catholic church, a school and an office of the armed police. At the end of the pier, there is a Robert Wan shop, where black pearls and products made of it are sold. Robert Wan, the world's largest producer, sells the most high-quality pearls. In general, there are several shops selling pearls. Black pearls belong to the group of South Sea pearls, and are the fruit of the Pinctada Magaritifera oyster, that dwells in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.
20bora-borapart1.jpg21bora-borapart1.jpg22bora-borapart1.jpg23bora-borapart1.jpg24bora-borapart1.jpg25bora-borapart1.jpg26bora-borapart1.jpg27bora-borapart1.jpg28bora-borapart1.jpg29bora-borapart1.jpgThis is a local bus. 
30bora-borapart1.jpg31bora-borapart1.jpg32bora-borapart1.jpg33bora-borapart1.jpgA supermarket.


, there is Mount Otemanu, which is considered to be the highest point on the island. The mountain is 2385 feet (727 meters) tall, but the local population claims that the Otemanu summit has yet to be climbed by anyone. The mountain has several observation decks, which offer incredible views. Here’s a map of the island in the center of Vaitape.  
Chickens usually stroll through the territories of hotels in Tahiti and Bora Bora. Chickens are bred there to eat away giant millipedes and centipedes, which inhabit the island.
37bora-borapart1.jpg 38bora-borapart1.jpg39bora-borapart1.jpg40bora-borapart1.jpgOne of the most important activities is held every autumn in French Polynesia. The canoeing Havaiki Nui Vaa between the islands of Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea and Tahaa is considered to be the one of the most important activities held there.
4001bora-borapart1.jpgFloating garbage boats.
41bora-borapart1.jpgWe went on a jeep safari in Bora Bora. The tour included a look around the island (Vaitape), and a visit to 4 view points (lookouts), which offered beautiful views of the island.
If it was sunny, I suppose it would have looked better! There were a lot of dragonflies! It was a wonderful sight!
42bora-borapart1.jpgThese are American guns left behind during the Second World War, which were supposed to bombard the Japanese. But the Japanese did not come here, so the guns were never fired.
43bora-borapart1.jpgThe road in Vaitape was very good!
44bora-borapart1.jpg45bora-borapart1.jpgThese are the consequences of the typhoon.
46bora-borapart1.jpg47bora-borapart1.jpgThere are no cemeteries in Vaitape. Locals bury people directly in a yard near the house. In ancient Polynesia, there was a state of Maori. Maori tribes had enough high culture, and there are still traces on the islands, such as carved stone "ticks" and the "marae" sanctuary. These large stones, or marae, were placed in a vertical line, or placed in a pyramid. There were 3 of these stones on Vaitape, and below is one of them:
48bora-borapart1.jpgA famous restaurant, Bloody Mary, is located on Vaitape, the main island of Bora Bora. This restaurant has been visited by many celebrities. The names of many of them can be read on wooden benches at the entrance to the restaurant.
Author: xorolik
Translated by: Zoozi

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