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Boston - American Monaco

Sapovich Ekaterina • 5 minutes read • October 17th, 2015

You need to take road trips in America. Though when you're having an affair with 

New York

, where even two weeks are not enough to enjoy Manhattan, the only city worthy of visiting is 


. After spending a day in this city, I called it American Monaco. On one hand: it is very clean, cozy, beautiful, with European influences. On the other hand: 


is compact, but densely populated, one of the oldest and richest cities in America, the birthplace of Facebook.

There is a business district a little further away from the downtown. These "pumpkins" and other small architectures make this city special and cozy unlike many other American cities.

Going to the center of Boston. It was a hot weekday. There were not too many tourists and locals, so it seemed like the city belonged only to us.

What is Boston famous for? Firstly, it is a major educational center: Harvard University , MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and a hundred of other famous universities and colleges. By the way, many politicians (8 U.S. presidents) graduated from Harvard University, and the MIT drives modern technology (from architecture to the Internet).

Secondly, Boston is famous for its seafood, which I am very passionate about. The best American crabs, lobsters, and oysters are in Massachusetts. Not cheap, but not expensive. How delicious, though! Thirdly, it's famous for the Boston tea party.
Massachusetts State House , a government building. The Governor works there.

There are a lot of offices of well-known companies. A lot of pharmaceutical companies among them.

There are two very different buildings in the center of the city, one of which was built by a Harvard graduate (try to guess which one), and the second one - by a graduate of MIT (John Hancock Tower). Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook) studied at Harvard University

One of the most beautiful buildings in the city - the Central Boston Public Library on Copley Square.

Once again John Hancock Tower in all its glory.

Facades of the local houses can be easily distinguished from the New York ones by protruding bay windows. I can enjoy them for hours!

Real estate in Boston is very expensive. The average price for a decent apartment is about three million dollars. 
It is cheaper to buy and rent in the suburban area of Harvard.

I haven't been to London but Boston seems similar to it. We got lucky with the weather, though. 

A lot of movies were filmed in Boston: 'Ted', 'The Social Network' (obviously), 'The Town', 'The Departed; and more that I haven't watched.

It is easy to notice the superiority of the European automotive industry in Boston, whereas in New York there are more American and Japanese car brands.

Boston Common is the oldest park in America. Boston remembers the times when there were walking people, and cows, and horses, and sheep. Not Central Park, of course, but similar to Monaco - compact and neat.

Another house decorated with grapes. 

I've almost forgotten! Postmen here tie newspapers to the door-knob on rubber bands for them to not get wet and dirty: I haven't seen that anywhere. My journalistic heart melted.

Flags are everywhere in America. Americans love them and are proud of. And rightly so. It is a pity that we don't...

Shopping streets also reminded me of Europe.

'Central market' consists of several pavilions, made in the style of the passages. There is just everything there! 

I want to go back to Boston. I didn't want to leave, even the train broke halfway back to NY, extending our stay in the lovely state of Massachusetts. As you can tell - I highly recommend visiting!
Author: sapovich
Translated by: Gian Luka

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