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Boston, USA. P.2.

Gian Luka • 5 minutes read • October 24th, 2015
Under the Prudential Tower. 2nd largest building in 



There is a gorgeous courtyard where you can lie on the lawn between skyscrapers.

We should note that this complex is a network of 'skyscrapers' and office buildings connected with galleries.
We see a combination of styles again at the exit of the complex:

The Boston Public Library.


The Boston Public Library - modern building.

Look at this combination of architectural decisions! The building on the left definitely looks odd and does not add the charm to 



Take a look at the skyscrapers. There are many of them in 


. Wild mix of styles! I love it... In the background is the tallest building in Boston.

Entering the square in the centre of Boston .

There's an interesting fountain in the center of the square - kids swim in it! Good thing it's summer!

Wonderful view from the square!

What do you think of the fusion of eras? I think this is great!

I really like this building, Boston's own style. Thanks to the Irish, the Italians, the Germans, who brought their styles to this city!

A typical American building from the mid-20th century.

On the other hand, the side streets are not very clean... but could've been much worse.

Slowly we reached the Central Park, an incredibly beautiful place. It can't be compared to Central Park in New York, it is very different but not less beautiful.

Children play with pigeons and ducks. Notice that birds have absolutely no fear of people.

The man is calmly relaxing on the waterfront! Note the cleanliness.

Beautiful views of the Park.

A well-trimmed lawn. It is interesting to observe clerks and managers taking their lunch breaks on the lawn by the lake.

Motor ships and gondolas swim around the Park.

Note the cleanliness! The saying is true: it is clean where people don't litter...

Fountain in the Park.

Oh, our old friend! We saw a similar vehicle in Albany.

Gradually, it got foggy in Boston:

We decided to visit Chinatown and to eat while we are there:

Surprisingly, even Chinatown in Boston is kind of Irish.

Besides signs and the residents themselves, nothing there seems to refer to China. The architecture and style are typical to Boston.

There are no usual red balloons or dragons:
It started raining suddenly and we decided to wait it out in one of the Chinese cafes.

The food was fairly good, even delicious. We went to explore Boston further after the meal.

Central streets of Boston .

The rain has stopped! Hooray!

After exploring the center, we went to change clothes since we were all wet. In the evening we headed to the old town for dinner. I strongly recommend it to everyone, there are some very cool restaurants there!
Author: Gian Luka
Translated by: Gian Luka

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