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Botanical Garden In Aarhus, Denmark

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • July 13th, 2016
Here’s one of the "freebies" :)
Generally, Denmark is an expensive country, especially the various museums and attractions. But . . . there are always free alternatives :) Let me show you a place in 

Aarhus city

, where you can really have a good time without spending any money...
Firstly, it is located in almost the best part of the city center, and there is free parking available for up to 5 hours!!!
Secondly, there is quite a large park with benches, where you can relax and walk the dog, or bathe in the sun.
Thirdly, if you are interested in plants and want to choose something for your garden, the plants are signed, which is very convenient.
And further more . . . 
Considering that the 

botanical garden

presents plants from different climatic zones, it is clear that part of the garden is located inside the building - neither tropical plants nor representatives of the desert flora will survive in the Danish climate.
So, let us go to the exotic part of the garden.
1aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgIt consists of several premises in the form of domes.
2aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgYou can grab a snack to take with you or eat on the spot, on the patio or inside.
3aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgInside, everything was divided by different regions of the planet.
Canary Islands...
4aarhus-botanicgarden.jpg5aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgAnd we kept going, to the section of ​​Mediterranean plants.
6aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgThese are from Mexico, or neighboring countries...
7aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgThere were different monitors everywhere, giving out information or quizzes (for children, mostly).
8aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgWe moved on to Africa.
9aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgAnd we went further.
It became warmer . . . and very humid . . .
Do you see the mist? It was like a clouded forest ... or the rain forest . . . 
10aarhus-botanicgarden.jpg11aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgButterflies flew around...
And other sounds - croaking frogs, chirping birds could be heard everywhere . . . like we were in another world.
12aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgVisitors can go up higher.
13aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgThere were piranhas in the pond, so we didn't dare poke our fingers in it . . . :)
14aarhus-botanicgarden.jpg15aarhus-botanicgarden.jpg16aarhus-botanicgarden.jpg17aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgWalking in the fresh air, you can walk through a big park, which is adjacent to the museum of the "

Old Town

" on the other side.
18aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgInside, everything was also divided into parts - the Mediterranean plants, plants of more northern areas...
The names were indicated everywhere...
19aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgI was a little surprised that some of the rhododendrons were blooming...
And not only shrubs confuse seasons.
Other spring flowers decided to bloom . . . 
20aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgThis one flower surprised me in the section of the local flora. It reminded me of an orchid! But it turned out to be some kind of lily...
21aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgThere were many flowering fuchsias.
22aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgWe call this a monkey puzzle tree - Abetræ (Araucaria araucana).
23aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgIn the section of heather, we noticed a sort of autumn plant that we wanted to buy for our garden.
24aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgThere were mushrooms in the "forest" section...I do not think they were edible, though...
26aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgRosary beads were blooming.
27aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgThere is a section for a variety of "clematis" and other "crawling plants"...
28aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgHere’s a couple of photos from there...
29aarhus-botanicgarden.jpg30aarhus-botanicgarden.jpg31aarhus-botanicgarden.jpg32aarhus-botanicgarden.jpg33aarhus-botanicgarden.jpgAuthor: o_l_g_a_r_i
Translated by: Zoozi

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