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Bowen Park

Natural sights
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Bowen Park is a heritage-listed park in Brisbane, Australia. It is located on the corner of O'Connell Terrace and Bowen Bridge Road in Bowen Hills, and has an area of 17,740 m².


Bowen Park was originally called Bowen Park, Acclimatisation Society Gardens, and occupied a 160,000m² (40 acre) site bordered by O'Connell Terrace, Bowen Bridge Road, Gregory Terrace, and Brookes Street. The park was run by the Queensland Acclimatisation Society, who were granted the land by the Government of Queensland in two parcels; the first in 1863 and the second in 1866. The society named the Gardens after George Bowen; the Governor of Queensland and their patron. Some of the land had previously been used as a brickworks while the remainder was virgin bushland. Over the years parts of the land were progressively leased, sold and resumed for other purposes, resulting in only 17,740m² (4.383 acres) remaining by 1955 in the north-western corner of the original site (on the corner of O'Connell Terrace and Bowen Bridge Road).

In 1876 the park was the venue for the first Ekka (then called the Intercolonial Exhibition).

In 1914 the Brisbane Municipal Council purchased the gardens from the Queensland Acclimatisation Society and reopened the site as a public park on 11 June of that year. Between 1950 and 1959 Harry Oakman, Parks Superintendent for Brisbane City Council, oversaw changes to the park, including the addition of paths and drinking fountains, and the redesign of garden beds.

Bowen Park was added to the Queensland Heritage Register in 1999.

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