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Brazil. Salvador. The lower city.

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • June 12th, 2016
We have already seen the lower city when we were on the Praca Tome de Sousa Square. On the left there is a

Lacerde Elevator

, connecting upper and lower cities. Modelo Market is straightway, and San Marcelo Fort is afar.
It is high time to see the lower city.
1-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgThis is the upper deck of Lacerde Elevator.
2-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgWe go inside.
3-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgWhite fence of the viewing deck is seen through the window.
4-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgAt last we are in the lower


. In front of the Modelo Market you meet the market of folk craft's items on the Visconde de Cairu Square. 
5-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgYellow building is the Modelo Market.
6-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpg7-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgLacerde Elevator was built in 1872. In 1930 it was reconstructed by Lacerde engineer and renamed after him. In 2002 elevator was renovated and booster lights were added to it.
8-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgLet's walk in the vicinities.
9-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpg10-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgLook! There are fruits on the palm trees!
11-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpg12-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgYellow building is the Modelo Market.
13-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgOn the right there is a building with a dome. It is a Rio Branco Palace which is the former residence of the Governor of the state. Now a Brazilian Museum is located there.
14-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpg15-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgOne more unusual sculpture.
16-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpg17-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgAnd it is a fountain!
18-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgOne girl recommended us to take away our cameras as it was dangerous there.
19-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgThis is a Conseicao da Praia Church. Originally the church was built in 1736 in Portugal, but then it was decluttered, brought to Brazil and built up again.
20-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgOne can easily get from the lower to the upper


on foot.
21-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpg22-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpg23-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgIt's a San Marcelo Fort.
24-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgOn the viewing deck there is a monument to the poet Casto Alves. Here our way to the hotel begins.
25-lowercity-salvador-brazil.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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