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Brazil. Salvador. Upper city. Largo do Pelourinho Square.

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • June 12th, 2016
So, we're on the

Largo do Pelourinho Square

On the right you can see the Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Pretos. 
On the left Elvis Presley waves us from the balcony :)
On the back you can see towers of Do Carmo Church.
First of all, we drank a glass of juice.
1-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgThis is a City Museum.
2-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgA blue building is the House-Museum of Jorge Amado.
3-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpg4-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgLight blue building on the right is the church of Nossa Senhora do Rosario Dos Pretos.
5-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgFans put him there :)
6-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpg7-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpg8-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpg9-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgOur excursion with the guide finished here and we returned to the

Terreiro de Jesus Square

to the


10-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpg11-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgThis is Terreiro de Jesus Square. The Cathedral is on the right.
12-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgSan Domingo Church is located in front of the Cathedral.
13-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgWe have a lot of spare time before the departure and that's why we walked in the city on our own. Firstly, we returned to the Largo do Pelourinho Square. It was good to go inside the Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Pretos Church. It was built on 1704 by African slaves. And this is the first temple where African American people were allowed to.
14-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpg15-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgThe fence is decorated with colorful ribbons.
16-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgLet's go inside!
17-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpg18-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgThe ceiling is beautiful.
19-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgAnd after we are out we continue our way.
20-largo-do-pelourinho-brazil.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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