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Brazil. Salvador. Upper city. Sao Francisco Church and Monastery

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • June 12th, 2016

Sao Francisco Church and Monastery

are known to be the most luxuriously decorated buildings in whole Brazil. Due to a legend it took 1000 kg of gold to decorate the


1-sanfran-church.jpgLet's have a look!
2-sanfran-church.jpgThe entrance is on the left.
3-sanfran-church.jpgThis is an entrance to the gallery.
4-sanfran-church.jpgIn the gallery and the inner yard you can see azulejos panels (a portugal ceramic tiles).
5-sanfran-church.jpg6-sanfran-church.jpgThis is where we came from.
7-sanfran-church.jpgBeneath every picture there is a table with a story about what is shown. Usually there are heroes of Roman and Greek myths.
8-sanfran-church.jpg9-sanfran-church.jpgWe walked the gallery by perimeter.
10-sanfran-church.jpg11-sanfran-church.jpg12-sanfran-church.jpgWe go further and get inside the


. Everything here is covered with gold and it is very hard even to make photos.
13-sanfran-church.jpg14-sanfran-church.jpg15-sanfran-church.jpg16-sanfran-church.jpg17-sanfran-church.jpg18-sanfran-church.jpg19-sanfran-church.jpg20-sanfran-church.jpgThis is a small room for priesthood.
21-sanfran-church.jpgWhat a beautiful bureau!
22-sanfran-church.jpgAnd now we're out.
23-sanfran-church.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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