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Brazil. Salvador. Upper city. Streets. P2

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • June 12th, 2016
Our route leads us down from the Largo do Pelourinho Square. Blue Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Pretos is left behind.
1-uppercity-streets-p2.jpgOn the top there are towers of Do Carmo Church.
2-uppercity-streets-p2.jpg3-uppercity-streets-p2.jpgDo Carmo Church was founded in 1585. And, as you see, there are a great number of stairs in front of it.
4-uppercity-streets-p2.jpg5-uppercity-streets-p2.jpgNearby is located one more Do Carmo Church of the tertiary order.
6-uppercity-streets-p2.jpgThis is a hotel.


is one of the most criminal cities in Brazil. Thus we decided to go back with no delay.
14-uppercity-streets-p2.jpg15-uppercity-streets-p2.jpg16-uppercity-streets-p2.jpg17-uppercity-streets-p2.jpgA familiar Largo do Pelourinho Square with the blue Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Pretos are ahead. You see, they love using long names ;)
18-uppercity-streets-p2.jpgThis is

Tome de Sousa Square


Lacerde Elevator

19-uppercity-streets-p2.jpgWe are going down into the lower city by Lacerd Elevator.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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